28 May 2016
20:00 12 June 2016

Athens - Gibraltar Race

Athens–Gibraltar is a dirt-bike challenge raid open to amateurs (non professional riders) that are at least 18 years. For the length of the stages, about 9.000 kilometers in 15 days of competition, it can be classified as a marathon event. Navigation with GPS device. GPS tracker to time and safety.

  • Day 1 (27/05/2016): arrival in Athens (Vari Voula Vouliagmeni Municipality) and accomodation at the bivouac and parc fermé of the participants, their bikes and support teams. Technical and administrative checks start. Evening welcome event at the bivouac.

  • Day 2 (28/05/2016): technical and administrative checks end. Opening ceremony. Prologue (show track valid for final ranking) at Vari Voula Vouliagmeni (Athenian Riviera). The starting order of the first stage will match the order of registration to Athens-Gibraltar. In the next stages the starting order will match the provisional overall classification.

  • Day 3 (29/05/2016): 1st stage (555 kms). Crossing of Greece and finish line in Kalambaka. Bivouac and parc fermé.

  • Day 4 (30/05/2016): 2nd stage (553 kms). Crossing of FYROM with finish line in Ohrid near the border with Albani. Bivouac and parc fermé.

  • Day 5 (31/05/2016): 3rd stage (582 kms). Crossing of Albani and finish line in Niksic (Montenegro). Bivouac and parc fermé.

  • Day 6 (01/06/2016): 4th stage (639 kms). Crossing of Bosnia and finish line in Njivice (Croatia). Bivouac and parc fermé

  • Day 7 (02/06/2016): 5th stage (572 kms). Crossing of Slovenia and Austria with finish line in Conegliano (Italia). Bivouac and parc fermé

  • Day 8 (03/06/2016): 6th stage (570 kms). Long ride in the Pianura Padana, brief taste of the Apennines on the border with Ligurian Alps and finish line in Genova (Italy). Bivouac and parc fermé

  • Day 9 (04/06/2016): 7th stage (188 kms). Short stage to Limone Piemonte. During the route one single Special Stage (about 40 kms). Bivouac and the parc fermé

  • Day 10 (05/06/2016): 8th stage (587 kms). Path through the Italian and French Alps. Finish line in Avignon (France). Bivouac and parc fermé.

  • Day 11 (06/06/2016): 9th stage (603 kms). The route continues through the south of France. Entry into Spain: the Pyrenees with finish line in Andorra La Vella. Bivouac and parc fermé.

  • Day 12 (07/06/2016): 10th stage (463 kms). Again the Pyrenees followed by a first taste of the desert of Monegros. End of stage in Zaragoza (Spain). Bivouac and parc fermé.

  • Day 13 (08/06/2016): 11th stage (621 kms). The path goes first in the desert of Monegros then head south-west to Portugal. End of stage in Segovia. Bivouac and parc fermé.

  • Day 14 (09/06/2016): 12th stage (594 kms). The route winds in between Spain and Portugal with continuous changes of time zone that riders must take into account for respecting the time set for each SS. Finish line in Elvas (Portugal). Bivouac and parc fermé.

  • Day 15 (10/06/2016): 13th stage (568 kms). Still heading south to finish the stage in the beautiful Granada (Spain). Bivouac and parc fermé.

  • Day 16 (11/06/2016): 14th stage (546 kms). After facing the Sierra Nevada the route ends in his final goal: Gibraltar. Bivouac and parc fermé. Technical and administrative final checks. Final party at the bivouac with awards and closing ceremony of the event.

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