04 August 2016

Classical Guitar Concert

Venue: King's Chapel

Entance Free

In Aid of Calpe House

Keith has been fascinated by the Classical guitar from an early age, seeing Classical guitarists perform and wondering how they could play all these wonderful combinations of notes, sometimes up to three distinct voices coming out of one guitar, and so started a journey exploring the Classical guitar.

At around the same time (1981) Paco de Lucia was becoming a household name, and Keith drew inspiration from Paco’s amazing  techniques and compositions. Other sources of inspiration were local guitarists William Gomez, Judah Bensadon and Richard Gomila, who each gave up some of their time to teach some pieces, such as Romanza Anon and Classical guitar techniques.

While studying in UK (1983-1991), Keith joined the South Wales Classical guitar society and became an active participant in concerts and master classes, learning from top professionals, such as Professors John Mills and Neil Smith, aspects of playing in concert, sound production and delving further into pieces of music under discussion and how to play such music effectively.

On return to Gibraltar (1991), Keith formed the Gibraltar Classical Guitar Society, with the highlight being a master class and concert by Professor Neil Smith in Gibraltar.

Keith plays Classical guitar daily, just finished “Sevilla” by Albeniz and is working on “Cadiz” by the same composer.



Prelude No 1 in E minor  ( H. Villa-lobos)

Romanza  ( Anon)


Danza No 5  ( E. Granados)


Danza No 1  ( A. Ruiz-Pipo)


Capricho Arabe  ( F. Tarrega)

Recuerdos de la Alhambra  ( F. Tarrega)


Tango  ( F. Tarrega)


20 minute break

Sevilla  ( I. Albeniz) 

Rumores de la Caleta  ( I. Albeniz)

Granada  ( I. Albeniz)

Asturias ( I. Albeniz)

Danza del Molinero  ( M. de Falla)


Cancion del fuego fatuo  ( M. de Falla)


Bajo la luz del sol  ( K. Vinnicombe)

Cueva del Gato  (Paco de Lucia) with some original improvisation by Keith “al estilo de Paco de Lucia”.