20 September 2016

Clean up the World

There will be an CUTW awareness stall and activity at Casemates from 11am to 3pm.

Information about the Clean up aims and objectives on how this campaign seeks to help Gibraltar’s natural environments will be on display. 

Volunteers are invited to sign up also for the actual clean up taking place on Saturday 24th September all day.

This will be the 12th Clean up organised by the ESG (Environmental Safety Group) in Gibraltar. The global campaign has been running for over twenty years and sees millions of people and hundreds of nations participate. Everywhere communities are taking steps to green up, clean up and conserve their environment - a hands-on action carried out locally yet having a global impact given the scale the campaign has reached.

The weekend clean up helps to raise awareness about littering in our beautiful Gibraltar and our volunteers always manage to transform areas to how they should be year round, sending a message that people care about looking after our physical environment.

"Gibraltar is an island nation”, says one of the organisers,”so we must work harder to eliminate all forms of plastic and other toxic or non-biodegradable waste, especially from exposed areas, that could find its way into the seas and cause havoc to marine life and seabirds”.

Plastic waste is a growing, global problem and it is hard to imagine a world without it. Until that happens we must all do a better job at looking after its disposal for maximum recycling opportunity. 

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Contact Janet Howitt Tel: +350 54960000