25 March 2015
03 April 2015

Divergencia Cromatica Painting Exhibition

Venue: John Mackintosh Hall


Born in Tangier, Cristina spent time as a resident of La Línea (Cádiz) before setting in Zaragoza where she still lives today.

Her works, her expresión of colour, are generally a result her visits to the south of Spain. Cristina currently prefer the abstract expressionism of “action painting” as well as themes that create an intense fusion of the sky, clouds and the sea. This current period focuses on divergent expresión, adding to divergente a sense creativity and imagination through which the painting has to reflect an expresión of the subconcious that provokes a random search, always in a positive sense, and offers a meeting point for the diversity of inconscious opinions.

Cristina´s tratment of curves and the intense vivacity of the colours in her works together create a kind of blend of happines and relaxation.

Self-taught, she follows a line drawn out by artist such as Zao Wou Ki, Viola, Reinhard, Rothko and the great expressionists of the 20th Century...In her period closest to the great expressionist, she follows in the footsteps of Rothko, creating the coded trilogy that goes by the name “Remembering”as she had done previously with Zao Wou Ki, and Orus, expressed on a large scala format.

. Her Chinese-influence black works Intend to bring red and white thereads out from a dark background, testifying the contrasted feeling of colour.

. The sea is an constant element around Cristina, she cannot be without it especially when she reflects in her work the breezes of the Straits, bringing back memories of days sailling in the Mediterranean, memories impregnated with images of breaking waves.

. In her “block trilogy” she manifests the polyhedric decomposition of personality in the contemplation of colour.

. Her sparkling works reflect more than any other her divergent expression. Believing the power of converting a canvas into an action painting she is almost overwhelmed by inspiration. By combining a trilogy of white, red and black, she manages to break down the preconception of convergente.

. Sometimes, when particulary inspired, Cristina creates works with an abundante of colour which flows through cascades overflowing with creative expresión conceived through the medioum of the brush, all achieved without any pre-established lines of thought.

Cristina de Mena has participated in many gatherings and exhibitions and her work can be found in following places as well as many others:

Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores de España, Gobierno de Gibraltar, Ministerio de Educación (Angola), Fundacion Oscus (República Dominicana), Fundación San  Valero, Fundación CPA Salduie, Lloyds TSB, Central Cajalón, SEAS, Fine Arts Gallery, Hotel Boston, Hotel Diagonal Plaza,  Consorcio de Abogados de Aragón, Gibraltar, Universidad San Jorge, Ayuntamientos Tarazona, Villanueva y Salillas, andPrivates collections.   00  34  646 21  91  21