01 October 2014
05 October 2014

European Championship Thunder Cat Racing

Long Haul - Thursday 2nd October - starting at Eastern Beach

Circuit/Surf - Saturday 4th October - Eastern Beach

Circuit/Surf - Sunday 5th October - Eastern Beach

The Caleta Hotel will be the main event base for the officials and racers. All teams can contact the reservations department on email or by calling +350 20076501 and state that they are participating in the Thunder Cat Racing European Championships 2014 

We have teams already confirmed from UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Gibraltar with a special guest country making a visit! 

Thundercat racing takes place in the surf just metres from the beach and is based on a 400 metres x 200 metres 'm' circuit that has five turn buoys including a chicane.  This close action racing produces an adrenaline sport that is exciting and thrilling for both racers and spectators.  The boats are designed to plane quickly across the water allowing the hull to ride on a cushion of air bubbles.

The racing team consists of a pilot who controls the speed and direction and co-pilot who moves around the decking, leaning into turns and jumping towards the nose when the jump lifts up and threatens to flip!!uim-europeans-gibraltar-2014/c1a6t