07 February 2018
11 February 2018

Gibraltar Backgammon Championship

The tournament is played as a qualifying round with 7 Matches to 11 points. If players wins 5 matches they qualify for the main round which is played as a knock out tournament. 32 players will qualify for then main event and the rest will play in a tournament for the players who did not qualify the the last 32 players. There are no last chance.

Players winning 5 matches and losing 0 in qualifying rounds will be the first to get a bye if any,  then 5 wins/1 loss and finally 5 wins/ 2 losses. Note, when you have won 5 matches you do not play more matches in the qualifying round.

Qualifying rounds are played on Thursday-Friday.

Main is played Saturday and semi and final on Sunday.

Clocks are mandatory in all matches

New Unique format: All players will play up to 7 rounds Swiss system and all players who lose no more than 2 matches make the cut to the main tournaments. All others play in the tournament for players who did not qualify for the last 32.

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