07 May 2015
12 May 2015

Gibraltar Festival for Young Musicians

ALLEGRO MUSIC PRODUCTIONS would like to announce the Programme of Events for this year’s 10th Gibraltar Festival for Young Musicians, in association with The British and International Federation of Festivals for Music, Dance & Speech and the Gibraltar Ministry of Culture. There are a total of 71 classes and 4 workshops taking place this year. Events take place from Thursday May 7th to Tuesday May 12th at Ince’s Hall and the Convent Ballroom. Tickets at £3 for adults and £2 for children under 12, can be bought at the door for all classes.

GFYM Programme of events 2015:

Thursday 7th May   Venue: Ince’s Hall Theatre, 310 Main Street 


9.15am   Class 3a   First School Percussion Ensembles 

10.00am  Class 3a  First School Ocarina Ensembles

10.50pm  Class 1c   Special School Choirs

    Class 1a   First School Non-Competitive Choirs

  Class 1b   Middle School Non-Competitive Choirs

1.30pm   Class 2a  First School Competitive Choirs 

2.30pm   Class 3b  Middle School Ensembles 

  Class 5a  Senior School Compositions

  Class 9g  Junior Percussion Solos

3.45pm  Class 47w  Infant Choirs

4.30pm  Class 47x  Junior Choirs

  Class 46  Musical Theatre Choirs

    Class 47Y  Intermediate Choirs

  Class 48  Adult Choirs 

Friday 8th May  Venue: Schools

9.15am    Choir Workshops

11.00am   Choir Workshops

2.00pm   Choir Workshops

   Venue: Ince’s Hall Theatre, 310 Main Street

3.45pm  Class 7Infant Vocal Solo Class

4.05pm  Class 8e  Junior Vocal Solo Class

4.45pm  Class 9e  Intermediate Vocal Solo Class

   Venue: Convent Ballroom, The Convent, Main Street

6.15pm  Class 10b  Senior Wind Solo Class

  Class 14b  Senior Wind Duet Class

7.05pm  Class 10d  Senior String Solo Class

  Class 14d  Senior String Duet Class

  Class 18d   Senior String Ensemble Class

Saturday 9th May  Venue: Convent Ballroom, The Convent, Main Street 

9.30am   Class 7a  Infant Piano Solo Class

10.10am  Class 7b  Infant Wind Solo Class

  Class 7d  Infant String Solo Class

  Class 7f   Infant Jazz Solo Class

10.45am  Class 8a  Junior Piano Solo Class

12.00pm  Class 8b  Junior Wind Solo Class

  Class 8d  Junior String Solo Class

  Class 8f    Junior Jazz Solo Class 

2.00pm  Class 9a  Intermediate Piano Solo Class

3.10pm   Class 9b  Intermediate Wind Solo Class

  Class 9c  Intermediate Brass Solo Class

  Class 9d  Intermediate String Solo Class

  Class 9f   Intermediate Jazz Solo Class

4.15pm   Class 10e  Senior Vocal Solo Class 

  Class 43x Junior Musical Theatre Vocal Solo Class 

   Class 43z Senior Musical Theatre Vocal Solo Class

4.40pm   Class  10a    Senior Piano Solo Class

6.00pm   Class 13b  Intermediate Wind Duet Class

  Class 13d  Intermediate String Duet Class

  Class 13e  Intermediate Vocal Duet Class

  Class 13h  Intermediate Instrumental Duet Class

7.00pm   Class 14a   Senior Piano Duet Class

  Class 14h  Senior Instrumental Duet Class

Sunday 10th May  Venue: Convent Ballroom, The Convent, Main Street

10.00am  Class 6a      Concert Non-Competitive Solo Class     

10.45am  Class 6b    Concert Non-Competitive Duet  Class  

11.00am  Class 25    Beginner’s Instrumental Solo Class     

11.45am  Class 12a    Junior Piano Duet Class

  Class 12d    Junior String Duet Class

     Class 13a    Intermediate Piano Duet Class

12.15pm  Class 20a    Piano Grade 1 Class 

12.50pm  Class 20b    Wind Grade 1 Class

   Class 22b Wind Grade 3 Class

   Class 20d String Grade 1 Class

    Class 21d  String Grade 2 Class

2.30pm   Class 21a    Piano Grade 2 Class 

3.10pm    Class 22a    Piano Grade 3 Class

3.40pm  Class 23a Piano Grades 4-5 Class

5.00pm  Class 24a Piano Grades 6-8 Class

   Class 24e Vocal Grades 6-8 Class

5.35pm  Class 27a Adult Piano Duet Class

  Class 26a  Adult Piano Solo Class

    Class 27d  Adult Instrumental Duet Class

Monday 11th May  Venue: Convent Ballroom, The Convent, Main Street

4.00pm  Class 43    Elementary ‘My Piano Trip to London’  Elena Cobb Class

5.00pm  Class 30a Junior Piano Solo ‘Higgledy Piggledy’ Elena Cobb Jazz Class 

   Class 35d Intermediate String Duet Elena Cobb Jazz Class 

  Class 16a  Junior Piano Ensemble Elena Cobb Class

  Class 19    Family/Friend Piano Ensemble Elena Cobb Class

  Class 41    Piano Solo Elena Cobb Jazz Class 

6.00pm   JAZZ WORKSHOPS   

TUESDAY 12th May at 7.30pm  Venue: Convent Ballroom, The Convent, Main Street


Tickets, £10, can be bought at the venue from 6.00-7.00pm on Monday 11th May and on the night of the Gala itself.

More info can be found on our website:

and Facebook ‘Gibraltar Festival for Young Musicians’


The music adjudicator, Dr Douglas Coombes, MBE, will be awarding trophies, medals or certificates in all classes over the festival weekend and The Albert Hammond Shields and the Allegro Trophies at the School Festival Day.

Douglas has been an adjudicator member of ‘The British and International Federation of Festivals’, since he was Assistant Music Advisor for Norfolk in 1963 adjudicating all over the UK and in Hong Kong, fitting it in around all his other activities which included school workshops, choir and conducting clinics, writing and composing and a twenty year stint as producer and broadcaster of such BBC radio programmes as ‘Singing Together’ and ‘Time and Tune’. His prolific output has included much material for young people to sing and play.  He is consultant to and conductor for the BBC TV Songs of Praise ‘School Choirs of the Year’ competition, and appears the length and breadth of the country in his highly interactive Music Scene presentations in schools. 

Douglas Coombes will be known to many in education, whether as teachers or as pupils and he has recently initiated the School’s Music Association Guild of Adjudicators and Workshop Presenters. He has always striven to combine music education with a sense of enjoyment and fun and this is frequently apparent when working with youngsters in Festivals – whether competitive or non-competitive. Commencing in the mid 1990s he became a member of the Board of ‘The British and International Federation of Festivals’, in his capacity as Chairman of the Adjudicators’ Council. He relinquished this position in 2013, when pressure of work prevented him spending sufficient time on BIFF matters, though he remains a staunch supporter of the Festival movement.

He has conducted countless choral and orchestral concerts in major concert halls and in the grounds of many stately homes with the New English Concert Orchestra which he founded in 1988. He also undertakes considerable in-service training for teachers. He has recently been honoured to have been awarded an MBE for services to music.


Hi, I’m Elena! I am the author of ‘Higgledy Piggledy Jazz’ series.

After many years of studying and teaching, I am convinced that the child who is stuck in front of the music is an unhappy child. I was determined for my students to go from ‘Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star’ to Rachmaninoff and Chopin without losing interest. To get them to stay focused, and inspire them to practice at home I composed jazzy, child-orientated tunes and they loved them! I want to share it with you! Keeping in mind that piano practice can be lonely, I have recorded a play-along CD that gives the beginner an opportunity to feel like a bandleader and a star!

All tunes from my Higgledy Piggledy Jazz for piano are interactive with other instrumental books in the series - check out my site where you can preview and listen to every tune. If you have more advanced students, you might be interested to have a look at my pieces for aspiring pianists from the book ‘Blue River’ and the newest edition ‘Arabia Étude-Tableaux’ for piano solo.

My latest book is ‘My Piano Trip to London’ a collection of pieces for beginners that captures the young pianist's imagination with catchy titles, brilliant illustrations and stickers to decorate the pieces. The pieces are suitable for complete beginners up to two or three terms' tuition. The secondo duet part has lively accompaniments that bring the pieces to life.

I want to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to all teachers around the world who are already using my music in their lessons. For more information visit


The Gibraltar Festival for Young Musicians is indebted to all its sponsors. Without their assistance it would be extremely difficult for the Festival to carry on providing a platform for the artistic talent of the youth of Gibraltar. Funding from sponsors is used to provide financial assistance in many areas of the event. Our grateful thanks go to these sponsors:

1. The Hassans Shield and £600 bursary for the most promising overall musician under eighteen

2. The EY Trophy and £300 bursary for the most promising instrumentalist under eighteen

3. The Charles Gomez & Co Trophy and £300 bursary for the most promising junior under twelve

4. The Castiel Winser Trophy and £300 bursary for the most promising string instrumentalist under eighteen

5. The Khubchands £100 bursary for the most vibrant vocalist

6. The Gibmaroc Trophy for the most promising vocalist under eighteen

7. The Masbro Trophy for the most promising pianist under eighteen

8. The Valmar Clinic Trophy for the most promising woodwind instrumentalist under eighteen

9. The Momy Levy Trophy for the most promising brass player under eighteen

10. The Sapphire Trophy for the most promising pianist under twelve

11. The Allegro Music Productions Tere Facio Memorial Trophy for the most promising vocalist

12. The Gibair Trophy for the most promising adult performer

13. The GibraltarFocus William Gomez Trophy for the most promising guitar performer

14. The Elena Cobb Trophy for the most promising jazz performer (specialist category)

15. The Antonio Diamond Trophy (open category)

16. The Chief Minister’s Trophy for the most promising local school ensemble

17. The Events Unlimited Young Musician of the Year Trophy and cash prize 

18. Ramparts European Law Firm cash prize for The Young Musician of the Year 

19. The Allegro Trophy for a First School Choir

20. The Allegro Trophy for a Middle School Choir

21. The Allegro Trophy for a Senior School Choir

22. The Albert Hammond Non-competitive Shield for a First School Choir

23. The Albert Hammond Non-competitive Shield for a Middle/Senior School Non-competitive Choir



An accomplished pianist, this will be the third year that we are delighted to have Liz Heath accompanying our festival entrants.

Liz has performed as a soloist, session musician and in bands for many years. As a musician and teacher her love of music has taken her all over the world. She enjoys all aspects of music and has been very busy working as accompanist here in Gibraltar for many years now, becoming a familiar face on the local music scene.

Liz is very much looking forward to accompanying the performers again at this year’s festival. She has a knack of putting all the young performers at ease, helping them to grow in confidence with each performance.