01 December 2016
02 November 2016

Gibraltar Horticultural Christmas Show

Held at the John Mackintosh Hall, 308 Main Street.

This show is for Christmas themed displays to be used around the house, and there are prizes for each category.

1 A Christmas table display; this is to be suitable for the centre of a dining room table, therefore not too high, so guests can see one another across the table, and to be viewed from all round, therefore beautiful from any position at the table.

2. A side table arrangement, which is designed to be best from the front. Including candles in these two categories is optional.

3. A decorated candle stick

4. A Christmas wreath or a swag, and all categories can be made with fresh, dry and/or artificial materials.

Prizes will be given in all categories, and first prizes include Marks and Spencer tokens.

The displays are to be set up in the morning of the 1st December, and will be left till about 6pm on evening of the 2nd December for people to view. The prize giving will then take place, followed by drinks and nibbles.

The society runs two coach trips a year to Spain, to some of the best plant nurseries, one is taking place on Saturday 26th November, so gardening enthusiasts can stock up on fresh plants and material for the Christmas Show. Anyone wishing to join, please ring one of the committee members for information, on 350 54011677.

The members of the Gibraltar Horticultural Society meet at the John Mackintosh Hall on the first Thursday of most months, where information can be exchanged, and a demonstration of plant culture or flower arrangements can take place. All are welcome.