19 June 2013
20 June 2013

Gibraltar World Music Festival

“Expect to take a trip on a metaphorical magic carpet over Minor Asia, observing its music and culture in the most delightful way” For the first and only time in history Gibraltar will become part of the famous;silk route with its smells of spices and perfumes. Exceptional musicians and artists from Greece, Turkey, Israel, Palestine and Iran are will perform and experience Gibraltar for the first time at St Michael’s Cave. The aim of the Festival is to unite cultures, religions and colours of the world and to bring a little rainbow and harmony to our lives, leaving behind the troubled history and conflicts of religion, via a love of music.

The festival line up is as follows: 19th June: On the 19th of June, the first night of the Festival will welcome En Chordais ( from Thessaloniki, Greece. They will portray the soul of immigration between Turkey and Greece over the last century. Having collaborated occasionally with virtuosi from all over the world, the ensemble presents a multimedia mosaic dating from the thirteenth century to today. The result is a timeless dialogue between different cultures and eras.

The main show of the night is The Sweet Canary Ensemble ( and is a tribute to Roza Eskenazi, the Turkish/Greek singer who sublimed the Rebetiko style music from the thirties to the seventies.  Three Divas – one Turkish, one Israeli and one Greek – will perform together on stage with their 12 musicians in a celebration of colours and languages.

20th June: The second night will start with the Mark Eliyahu Ensemble. Mark was born in Dagastan, migrated with his family to Israel and spent years learning how to play the Kamencheh, the Persian “violin”, in Azerbaijan. He is considered an international master of this instrument and with his enchanting, magical, desert-like compositions and sounds he has captured the hearts of many around the globe. Especially for Gibraltar, he has invited Amir Shahsar, the Iranian master of the Ney Flute and clarinet to join him and to create a unique meeting of the two cultures.

As the main act of this second night we welcome the famous Yasmin Levy, the most important Sephardic Diva nowadays, performing with more than 28 musicians from the Mediterranean Andalusian Orchestra Ashkelon. The orchestra, consisting of Israeli and Palestinian musicians is the leading cultural institution in Israel within the field of world music. In this concert, Yasmin and the orchestra present rich oriental and Mediterranean arrangements for Ladino, Turkish and Liturgical Jewish Music – combining it with classics from the Arab world and the Maghreb. Arranged and conducted by Tom Cohen   who also is the Artistic Director of GWMF.

Ticket information

Full ticket price for the first day £25.00; for students and senior citizens £15.00. Ticket price for the second day £25.00; for students and senior citizens £15.00.

Full ticket price for ALL events for both days £40.00; for students and senior citizens £30.00

All tickets include a return shuttle service to St Michael’s Cave from Public Market and Elliot’s Way at 19:00 hours. Please show your ticket to the driver.

Tickets are available from 15 April from Sacarello Coffee shop in Irish Town, Gibraltar and from the Gibraltar Productions office 92 Irish Town.More details available by phoning 00350 200 68899

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