22 December 2014

Mama Lotties Book Signing

Book signing at WH Smith from 1100-1300 by local author Justin Bautista

On 7th October 2014 a new Gibraltarian recipes cookbook became available both locally and online. Justin Bautista, creator of Gibraltar’s recipe website,, published a Gibraltarian inspired cookbook with selected recipes; both local, as well as some exclusive family recipes not found on the website. The cookbook is available from all local bookshops and online at

The 160-page cookbook shares local recipes with a brief introduction to some of the commonly known dishes. “Being such a small place, Gibraltar’s food culture is under-appreciated so I wanted to have something that could be shared with any generation. Recipes are ever changing and Gibraltar’s recipes are no exception, the food is very similar to that of Italian, Spanish and Maltese cuisine but I wanted to have something that was OURS and something that showed the world, ‘this is Gibraltarian cuisine, come and try it!’ Who knows,there could soon be a Gibraltarian food revolution on the way.”

The book contains recipes such as Rolitos, Menestra, Torta de Acelga, Pollo al Ajillo and, of course, Gibraltar’s famous Calentita.