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I know a lot of you thought last year’s party, would be our last gig at the stadium, we were under the same impression from all governing bodies. But fortunately enough we have been given permission to be back there for the 5th time.

We plan on making this one extra special, celebrating half a decade at this venue! For those of you have been to one of our events at the Outdoor Recreational Area before will know each year has always had a theme, this year being no different, we want to take you all the way back to the motherland.

We want to bring Africa to the stadium, and feel that we have some artists that will help us do exactly that.

Floyd Lavine (Rise/ Watergate):

RA: FB: Soundcloud:

Hyenah ( Rise/ Watergate)

RA: FB: Soundcloud:

Back for his 6th appearance on the rock, we welcome our good friend:

Nadsat ( Catch Recordings)

RA: FB: Soundcloud:

Also it would be Dazed & Confused without our boys:

Monty & Trinidad FB: RA: Soundcloud:

Tim Perera Soundcloud:

Hope to see you all there!!!!


From the following places: The Kasbar Gib Ink Tattoo Gibraltar

And online from:

*********************************************** The age for this event is 18 or over, proof of age is required. Anyone under age who purchases a ticket will NOT be granted a refund!!!! Loss of tickets will NOT be refunded by the organisers. Booking fee may apply when purchasing tickets online.


20th Jul 2019, 2:00pm
21st Jul 2019, 1:00am



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