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This year’s subject is the Natural History of Gibraltar: Past Present & Future. As in previous years, the conference is organised by the Gibraltar National Museum.

An exciting programme has been put together covering research and conservation of Gibraltar’s varied natural history, with a Gibraltar-based line-up of speakers presenting on topics including plants, invertebrates, birds, bats and much more. A full programme is attached.

The event will once again be held at the University of Gibraltar, but given the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, only conference speakers will be present on location. All conference lectures however, will be open access via livestream broadcasts from the Calpe Conference YouTube channel. There will be two livestream sessions per day, morning (09:30-13:00) and afternoon (14:30-18:30). The public will therefore be able to follow the presentations online. The organisers are encouraging public participation in the conference, which can be done by sending in questions and comments during the presentations. Questions must be submitted before the end of each lecture via the comments section in the YouTube stream itself or via the museum’s Facebook and Twitter pages. These will be moderated by the person chairing the session. If time runs out before the next speaker is due, questions may be held back to the discussion at the end of each day.

The conference programme is available to download from the Gibraltar National Museum’s website:

Links to the YouTube livestreams will be shared on the Gibraltar National Museum’s Facebook and Twitter pages closer to the start of the event.


From 15th Oct , 9:10am
To 17th Oct , 6:00pm

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