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The life of an entrepreneur is rarely crowned with success, victory and happiness, and this, despite the constant publicity campaigns that encourage us to propel ourselves into business as if entrepreneurship itself is for everyone or is easy.

The entrepreneurial life is, unfortunately, more often than not, loaded with obstacles and preoccupations. Most entrepreneurs are afraid to start; however, fear and doubt continue to creep up on them during or even after their careers. This is simply part of human nature.

Therefore, how do we overcome our fears? How do we stop them from invading our daily routines and put them to work for us? How do we use them to carry out our business project and operations?

During this experiential conference, we will demystify the top five fears that consume entrepreneurs around the world. Participants will walk out with a better understanding of whom they are and a new appreciation for entrepreneurship. In addition, participants will receive several tools and concrete advice that will allow them to progress towards the achievement of their goals.

Topics covered:

o Fear of ‘lack of experience’

o Fear of ‘critics from the entourage’

o Fear of ‘leading the entrepreneur SHIP alone’

o Fear of ‘competition’ or ‘it already exists'

o Fear of ‘sales performance’

Beverages, wine & canapes included:

Hummus with crudités

Rice Paper Roll

Bruschetta with Tomato and basil

Gazpacho Shooters

Spaces are limited.

About the speaker:

Yasmina E. Jimenez (Montreal) is a native of Andalusia, from a Spanish mother and a Moroccan father. She graduated from Concordia University with a degree in human sciences. International business coach, corporate trainer and CEO of MY WORKSHOP, she is a specialist in organizational and leadership development. After working for many years with NPOs dedicated to helping young people, women and newcomers in difficulty, Yasmina has been supporting start-ups and SMEs for over five years. This passionate entrepreneur is currently a mentor at Futurpreneur Canada and Yes Montreal. Passionate about diversity, justice and citizen participation, she sits on several committees, including Projet Montréal’s Women and Ethno-cultural Committees (lead by Valerie Plante, the first woman to be elected mayor of Montreal).


29th Nov, 6:00pm - 8:00pm



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