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This is the 2nd Exhibition by Local Artist Aaron A. Seruya who does works based on popular themes, essentially Pop Art/ Fan Art. The Exhibition is called the World of Science Fiction as it can encompass many themes. It will consist of 84 Paintings all Oil on Canvas. Will include the return of the Paintings based on the Marvel Movies and DC Movies from the 2017 Exhibition. The new works are from the Star Wars Franchise, where you can expect to see familiar faces, such as Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Darth Vader, Master Yoda and more. The Exhibition will also have one Painting from Star Trek Voyager, featuring the Character Tuvoc played by Tim Russ. This Painting has been signed and endorsed by Tim Russ himself. The Exhibition will be inaugurated by the Minster For Culture, the Hon Mr Steven Linares on the 6th May 2019 at 6.30P.M. and will also feature members of the 501st Legion.The Exhibition will be holding a Raffle at £2 per ticket with 2 prizes. The Winners can win one of 2 Giclee' prints, one Star Wars, One Marvel. The Raffle can be bought throughout the 2 weeks and the ticket will be drawn by Miss Gibraltar Starr Farugia on the 17th May at 11.00a.m. The Proceeds of the Raffle will go to charity namely GHITA.


From 07th May 2019, 6:00pm
To 17th May 2019, 6:00pm

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