There are a number of ways to get around Gibraltar




Gibraltar is has a very small land area so getting around town - and around The Rock, in general - is a feasible option, depending on your level of fitness.  The walk from the frontier to town normally takes in the region of twenty minutes.  Walking to the Nature Reserve, Upper Rock area can be more challenging, however, there are a number of nature trails located at this area that merit the challenge.  For those who prefer to visit the Upper Rock in a more leisurely manner, the Cable or Taxi tour option would be a recommended option.




Gibraltar’s taxis run on a metre and provide a city service.

Gibraltar's taxi drivers are also available as Tour Guides, offering tailor made Rock Tours and can be hired from the following locations:


Gibraltar Coach Terminus

Casemates Square

John Mackintosh Square (The Piazza) / Main Street

Cathedral Square / Main Street

Trafalgar Cemetery

Cruise Terminal


Running since 1966, the Cable Car takes you to the top of the Rock where one can witness breath-taking views.  The bottom station is located at Grand Parade at the southern end of the city centre by the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens.


There are a number of public bus routes in Gibraltar which operate to most areas apart from the Upper Rock, which is a nature reserve.

The Calypso Bus Company runs route no.5 which operates from the British side of the border to the city centre.