The Ministry for Tourism, Commercial Affairs, Public Transport and the Port has confirmed that following the success of the first edition of the Gibunco Gibraltar International Literary Festival, preparations are now under way for a second edition in 2014. The dates will be 14-16th November 2014.

For more information and updates on the past Gibunco Gibraltar International Literary Festival please click here.

Gibunco Gibraltar International Literary Festival:

‘It’s a Triumph’, says Costa

The Rock’s first ever international literary festival has been a resounding success. An eclectic mix of authors, historians and literary critics delighted audiences with a varied and absorbing programme of lectures that delved into the most diverse range of cultural, literary and historical subjects. Including several sold-out events to packed houses such as the Gibraltar Lecture on the Spanish Civil War delivered by award-winning historian Anthony Beevor, the Gibunco Gibraltar International Literary Festival has been warmly embraced by the general public.

The eight selected venues reverberated with excitement as audience participation, book-signings and book sales of participating authors confirmed the Festival’s successful birth and powerful eruption onto the European stage of literary festivals. From the erudite and scholarly to the accessible and popular, the festival’s range of content, efficient logistics and standards of hospitality has impressed participants who are experienced veterans from some of the most prestigious and well established literary festivals in UK and the world.

Minister for Tourism, Public Transport, Commercial Affairs and the Port Neil Costa MP, summed it all up at the end of three intense days of cultural activity, borrowing a phrase from the Booker prize-winning novelist and poet Ben Okri regarding the festival, to state “It was a triumph.”