23 Apr 14

Costa announces details of second year refurbishment of tourist product

The Gibraltar Tourist Board has completed the second phase of its refurbishment
programme of its main attractions to improve the tourist product ahead of the peak
summer season. This is the second continuous year of capital investment in the
amount of over £1 million.
At the 100 Ton Gun, the GTB has carried out works to provide new railings in
compliance with Health and Safety standards, an accessibility ramp so that persons
with disability can gain a much better view of the gun itself – in the past they only had
access to the exhibition – and beautification of external areas. A fire alarm and LED
lighting system has also been installed.
St Michael’s Cave, the ‘jewel in the crown’ of the local tourist product, has seen the
replacement of railings for modern stainless steel balustrades, a change which has
succeeded in creating a more contemporary look to the inside section. The steps
have also been fitted with lights, while a new spectacular 30 minute light and sound
show, that will be running all day, will enhance the dramatic geological features and
striking views of the caverns’ interior. To complement this, an instructive
commentary narrating some of the most salient aspects of the cave’s history, will
provide visitors with valuable information.
New mannequins in historical costume have been located at all the gun embrasures
of The Great Siege Tunnels – also known as the Galleries — adding a realistic feel to
the site. The figures complement the information panels and props that were put in
place last year.
The section of the Galleries known as the Holy Land Tunnel has been reopened, and
its viewing platform subjected to much needed structural works, thus affording
impressive vistas of the Strait of Gibraltar and Mediterranean Sea. It will also allow
visitors to traverse the insides of the rock from end to end. There is also a display of
a World War Two soldier in a trench.
The Galleries ticket office which was suffering from water penetration has also been
The World War Two Tunnels, which was transferred to the GTB last November
having been in private hands until then, has benefitted from a refurbishment and the
construction of new accessible toilets for disabled persons. Improved facilities for
staff have also been provided.
The viewing platform at Jew’s Gate has also been resurfaced.
Minister for Tourism, Commercial Affairs, Public Transport and the Port Neil Costa
MP welcomed the improvements to the tourist product and reiterated the
Government’s commitment to a key industry for the development of the local
Mr Costa said: “We initiated a major programme of much needed refurbishment last
year at the main attractions, starting with the public facilities for visitors, the
installation of LED lighting across all sites, accessibility features and also staff
amenities that were in need of enhancement. This year we have continued phase
two, introducing further improvements to ensure that visitors to Gibraltar receive a
good impression of what we have to offer and enjoy our product to the full. As the
people of Gibraltar now expect from this Government, which is wholly committed to
tourism, more is sure to follow and will be announced in this year’s budget.”