17 Mar 14

UK tour operator includes Gibraltar as an accessible holiday destination

Birmingham-based tour operator ‘Enable Holidays’, which specialises in organising
tailor-made vacations to meet the specific travel and accommodation requirements of
persons with disabilities, has included Gibraltar in its latest online business brochure.
The catalogue features an extensive number of destinations in Spain, Portugal and
other locations in Europe, Africa and Asia, all of which have undergone a stringent
150 point auditing process, covering a full range of accessibility criteria, wheelchair
manoeuvrability and grade accommodation.
Enable experts carried out detailed assessments of adapted hotel rooms in Gibraltar,
looking at features such as door width, bed height, ramp gradients, floor surfaces,
wheel-in showers, pool hoists and other facilities suitable for travellers with mobility
impairments, both in the accommodation and around the resort.
Blands Travel made contact with Enable Holidays during the GTB Birmingham
roadshow last April and worked closely with them during the assessment process
which found local hotels up to standard in terms of meeting the required accessibility
criteria for inclusion.
“We invited Lusia Depa, the company’s product manager to come to Gibraltar
afterwards, to view and approve local facilities, including transport, accommodation
and sites,” said a Blands spokesman.
Enable also take care of airports, flights and adapted transfers to and from the
Minister for Tourism Commercial Affairs, Public Transport and the Port Neil Costa MP
said he was delighted at Gibraltar’s addition as a holiday resort for persons with
disabilities and noted progress made in assisting persons with hearing aids and
impaired vision.
He added: “This once again shows the progressive nature of this administration and
is recognition of our efforts to remove physical obstacles to ensure that persons with
mobility problems, whether local or tourists, can travel to Gibraltar and enjoy our
wonderful destination like other able bodied tourists. We are encouraged by the
success of our improvements at our beaches and tourist attractions to make them
user friendly for the whole community, and are particularly proud of our new
accessibility features, the refurbishment and provision of toilet facilities and improved
access at St Michael’s Cave, including, a specialised lift at the new entrance to
enable guests to view the Cave from the first landing.”
A spokesman for Enable Holidays said: “We offer a range of over 250 accessible
hotels to suit varying levels of mobility – for disabled people with limited mobility, and
provide detailed information to help people find the right accommodation to meet their
specific needs.”