Places of Worship

Gibraltar is proud of its harmonious multi-cultural society and diverse religious denominations. Many houses of worship date back centuries and hold not only religious but great historical value.

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King’s Chapel

This garrison church beside the Convent was originally known as the King’s Chapel but was renamed as the Queen’s Chapel during Queen Victoria’s reign. When Queen Elizabeth was crowned, she restored its original title. Inside, beneath the colours of several British regiments, lay the remains of the wife of the Spanish governor in 1648, together with the remains of British governors O’Hara and Campbell, who were laid to rest in 1802 and 1813 respectively.

Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

Despite its deceptively Moorish appearance, Holy Trinity was not laid down until 1825. It was consecrated in 1838 at a service attended by Queen Adelaide, widow of William IV. Among those buried here is General Sir George Don under whose direction the cathedral was erected.

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St Andrew’s Church

Throughout the 150 years since it opened; there has been a Presbyterian presence in Gibraltar. In the mid nineteenth century, Scottish regiments were an integral part of the British army presence on the rock, but official indifference prevented those posted to Gibraltar practising their own religious tradition.

In the 1840s a group of ex-patriate Scots began the fundraising, which resulted in the opening of St Andrew's Church on May 30th 1854. Its distinctive tower looks down from the south end of Governor's Parade, and inside the sanctuary, plaques and furnishings bear the insignia of the services that once worshipped there. Surrounding the chancel area is a striking set of stained glass windows dating back to 1953.Sunday worship is at 10:30am. Should you wish to read more about St Andrews Church, please see our website:

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The Great Synagogue and the Flemish Synagogue

Gibraltar has a considerable Jewish community and the Great Synagogue, in Engineer Lane, has the distinction of being one of the oldest on the Iberian Peninsula, dating back to 1724. Guided tours of the beautiful Flemish Synagogue, located in Line Wall Road, can be arranged.

Catholic Cathedral of St Mary the Crowned

gibraltar toursMost traces of Spanish and Moorish Gibraltar were destroyed during the Great Siege, when some 250,000 rounds of shots and shell were fired at the garrison. St Mary the Crowned, however, stands on the site of the chief mosque and some parts of the early structure can still be seen.

Shrine of Our Lady of Europe and Museum (Europa Point)

gibraltar tours This famous shrine, a former mosque, was converted to a catholic chapel in 1462, after which a permanent light was kept burning before the image of Our Lady of Europe, a fifteenth century statue of the Virgin and Child. Set in a tower, this was the forerunner of the lighthouse at Europa Point.

The chapel was the repository of many rich gifts, particularly silver lamps presented by galley commanders. The most famous gift was the lamp given by Admiral Prince Doria in 1568, after his capture of five Turkish galleys in the strait. The shrine was ransacked in 1540 by Turkish pirates, and again by the British in 1704.

Europe day (5th May) is now celebrated annually at the shrine, which once again houses the venerated statue, brought back from Algeciras in 1864. To the west of the shrine is a fragment of an old Moorish pavement. On the north side stands an old whipping post. There is a small museum within the chapel telling the history of this building.

The Mosque Of The Custodian Of The Two Holy Mosques

gibraltar tours This beautiful example of Muslim architecture has been standing at Europa Point since 1997. It was paid for by the late King Fahad Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia and caters for the Muslim population of Gibraltar, most of whom originate from Morocco. The mosque is a beautiful addition to this unique site. When lit up at night it stands out dramatically and is visible from miles away.


Hindu Temple

gibraltar tours Inaugurated in 2000, the Hindu Temple located at Engineer Lane, serves Gibraltar’s Hindu population of approximately 600.