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The best way to learn a new language is to travel to a place where it is the mother tongue, and immerse yourself in the local spirit. Choosing to study abroad is not only a wonderful unforgettable experience, but also a great opportunity to practice your new language skills during your stay: in shops, restaurants, while using transport, engaging with locals, and so much more!

Why Gibraltar?

Due to our geographical location, we are very fortunate to be a multicultural, multilingual destination, with Morocco and Spain just a stone’s throw away. Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory that juts out into the ocean from the Iberian peninsula. Our coastline is punctuated with beautiful beaches - we are surrounded by water with Spain lying just beyond the runway on the fourth. On a clear day, Africa's mountainous coast is visible in the distance as ­ Morocco is just a 20 minute flight away! The views from up the Rock are stunning; there aren't many other places in the world where you can see two continents and three separate countries from one viewpoint. Although English is our official language, most locals are also fluent in Spanish.


Another reason to choose Gibraltar as your language learning destination is the abundance of activities to fit in around your study schedule. Visit the top of the Rock to pay the local macaques a visit; travel around colourfully-lit caves and through Gibraltar’s old wartime tunnels to learn about their history; hop on a dolphin watching tour around the bay; meander around the stunning The Botanic Gardens, The Alameda and drop in to its Wildlife Conservation Park. Not forgetting, learning about our successful UNESCO bid or joining us at one of our multitude of events!

Get Involved!

Little English is Gibraltar’s independent language school, situated in the very heart of town. They offer professional tutoring through friendly, qualified teachers with years of experience teaching around the world. A range of dynamic lessons guarantees an unforgettable learning experience. Before you leave, you will receive a certificate to show you successfully fulfilled the requirements of the course. To see if you need to apply for a visa, visit the VISAS website.

In some cases, student visa may be issued; email info@littleenglish.eu

So what are you waiting for? Come and join us for some sun, sea and study in Gibraltar!


Europa Point Language Centre at University of Gibraltar aims to lead the way in language.

We provide high quality teaching of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

We support your learning by providing an immersive, collaborative environment and give you the confidence to reach your language goals faster. Our approach is learner-centred which means your individual needs are at the heart of course delivery.

Situated at the gateway between Europe and Africa, Europa Point represents a meeting point which makes it an ideal place to learn a new language.

We specialise in the following areas: English for Academic Purposes (EAP), English for Specific Purposes (ESP), General English and Spanish as a foreign language.



All Europa Point Language Centre courses are delivered by qualified, experienced individuals.

Little English

Top floor, 29 City Mill Lane Gibraltar 

Telephone: +350 200 72740

Website: www.littleenglish.eu  





Europa Point Language Centre

Find out more: eplc@unigib.edu.gi

Tel: +350 20071000

Website: https://www.unigib.edu.gi/language-centre/