World War II Tunnels

These tunnels were excavated during 1939-1944 by the Royal Engineers and a contingent of Canadian Engineers, and are an extension to The Great Siege Tunnels excavated during The Great Siege of 1779-83. The Rock is in fact honeycombed with a 32 mile-long network of tunnels. 

Licensed tour guides will take you on a tour lasting approximately 30 - 40 minutes.  Tour includes static exhibitions and photographic displays. Tours are running Monday to Friday from 09:30 hours – 17:00 hours. Price for tour is £8.00. In order to access this attraction you will need to enter the Upper Rock Nature Reserve. ;The entrance fee for the Upper Rock attractions is £10 for adults and children aged 5-12 years is £5. This ticket includes access to St. Michael’s Cave, Apes’ Den, Great Siege Tunnels, Military Heritage Centre, Gibraltar A City under Siege Exhibition, Moorish Castle and 100 Ton Gun (Nelson’s Anchorage, Rosia Road).

PLEASE NOTE: Tours to The World War II Tunnels MUST be booked in advance by contacting ur& / +350 200 45000 /  +350 200 76879