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A seasonal ‘bug’ has hit the town although the fever it produces is quite harmless
and simply induces people to go on a merry spending spree.
As a result Gibraltar will have a late night Christmas shopping experience on
Monday December 23rd to culminate a three day festive extravaganza organised by
the Ministry for Commercial Affairs in conjunction with the Ministry for Culture, GFSB
and Chamber of Commerce.
The fun starts on Saturday 21st with free fair rides for children at John Mackintosh
Square from 10am to 7pm which will continue on Sunday 22nd.
For the ‘Great Shopping Monday’ various events and activities have been lined up
throughout the day.
There will be an arts and crafts market at Casemates Square from 1pm to 8pm, and
free Jumping Castles as from 5pm-8pm.
The Calpe Band will also be providing musical entertainment with a performance at
the Piazza from 6pm-8pm.
Minister for Tourism, Commercial Affairs, Public Transport and the Port Neil Costa
MP, said he looked forward to the Christmas extravaganza which would pick up
where the recent ‘Small Business Saturday’ left off.
Mr Costa declared that both these initiatives are part of a broader Government drive
to encourage domestic economic activity and boost small traders at a time of
“I am confident that the public will support this venture as they did with the previous
one and take good advantage of the momentum that has already been created.”
He added: “Gibraltar is now well into the festive spirit and this shopping opportunity
will serve a dual purpose.
“On the one hand it will create a community atmosphere as families come together to
buy presents and enjoy themselves at this very special time of the year, and on a
purely economic level, is an effective measure to stimulate business activity for small
traders and shops.”
For his part Minister for Culture Steven Linares echoed Mr Costa’s words and
declared his ministry will continue to provide entertainment at these type of events.
“We are always glad to support community occasions and all the more so in the run
up to Christmas,” he said.