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Three years ago the Government requested expressions of interest regarding the development of the sites on the Upper Rock. Local content creation company Wright Tech Media, in collaboration with Pixel Artworks, specialists in light and pixel technology, were successful. The resulting experience ‘The Awakening’, at St Michael’s Cave, features an unforgettable journey through Gibraltar’s natural history using projection mapping technology, lighting design and immersive audio. The cave is a unique

The entire project sympathetically showcases the beauty of the cave while uncovering the layers of Gibraltar’s natural history.

Creating a new experience for visitors was not the only facet in the development of ‘The Awakening’. Christian Wright, Director, Wright Tech said: ‘We wanted to not only reinvigorate Gibraltar’s tourism product but reengage the local population and create a community project, education is always the best way to do this’

Working with educational professionals to create content for schools and families with onsite deep dive signage and a repository of free assets to download via the official St Michael’s cave website has helped to entice children of all ages to re-discover their own heritage and history like never before.

Key to this initiative was working with St Bernard’s First School: “We feel extremely fortunate to have been given this wonderful opportunity to work on educational resources for ‘The Awakening’ experience,” said Head Teacher Sonia Lopez. This initiative ensures our schools have a range of personalised educational resources including animations, slideshows, fact sheets and experiments centred around our very own St Michael’s Cave. These resources focus on science, geology and history of the Rock in order to promote Gibraltar Studies through meaningful and tangible skills and knowledge acquisition. This spectacular new experience will not only revolutionise the quality of tourist attractions in Gibraltar, but through our schools we are already beginning to see a kindling of excitement and awe in the rich and fascinating story of our iconic Rock.

Two and a half years in the making extensive research and expeditionary measures to make sure all aspects of the technology in use are fit for purpose and customised to the unique environment of the cave.

Wright continues ‘This is the jewel in the crown of Gibraltar’s tourist product, so it was important to include major stakeholders in its development as a privately funded project. This site belongs to the people of Gibraltar and will remain free for residents to enjoy.’

The launch of ‘The Awakening” at St Michael’s Cave is set for later this month.