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The Minister for the Environment, Professor John Cortes, has today officially inaugurated a new Natural History Field Centre in the Gibraltar Nature Reserve. Located along Queen’s Road near Princess Caroline’s Battery, the site known as Tovey Cottage will now serve as an educational facility in the heart of the Nature Reserve for schools and young people to enjoy as part of project-based nature learning initiatives. The Centre will also be used to help raise awareness on the wealth of biodiversi

Visitors to Tovey Cottage will have the opportunity to learn about different species and habitats found in Gibraltar from within the Reserve, something that has been missing until now, as well obtain first-hand experience of the rewilding programme being spearheaded by the Department of the Environment and the Gibraltar Ornithological and Natural History Society. Barbary Partridges, wild rabbits, birds of prey and even reptiles form part of the rewilding programme which will be showcased at the Field Centre in the future. Dedicated staff from the Gibraltar Nature Reserve Management Team have helped build the facility and convert it into a platform that can be used to inspire young and older generations alike. As COVID-19 restrictions are eased and tourism gradually starts returning to the Reserve, it is hoped that the Tovey Cottage Natural History Field Centre can also be opened up for visitors.

Minister John Cortes commented, “Gibraltar has long lacked this kind of facility in the heart of the Nature Reserve. I am really pleased that we have been able to provide this, which will encourage children and your people to be in close contact with Nature and learn about the importance of protecting it. I am sure it will be well used”.