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Gibraltar Tourist Board has announced further infrastructural enhancements ahead of
the summer 2014 bathing season. This includes the refurbishment of all public
swimming pools at Camp Bay and Little Bay and the installation of a much needed
new chlorination system that will ensure standards of water cleanliness are
And following the successful introduction of a water park at Western Beach last year,
the GTB has decided to extend the amenity to all of Gibraltar’s beaches this summer.
A new beach umbrella store will also be provided in Camp Bay.
Minister for Tourism, Commercial Affairs, Public Transport, and the Port Neil Costa
MP welcomed these improvements and noted that they follow on from the major
accessibility project across all local beaches in 2013. The project included the
construction of ramps and access points, removal of obstacles and the redesign of
other facilities to provide a user-friendly environment in beaches.
Minister Costa said that going to the beach is a cherished family tradition in Gibraltar
and the Ministry was eager to provide all the necessary resources so that the entire
community can continue to enjoy this magnificent summer activity.
“We constantly review beach facilities every year to give a better service to all sectors
of the community. In 2013 we provided enhanced accessibility and for 2014 I am
delighted that we continue to improve the services offered in keeping with our
commitment to develop the tourist product and improve the quality of life for all
The Gibraltar Tourist Board is currently advertising for the posts of lifeguards and
attendants to once again start the full weekend service as from April.