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Minister for Tourism, Commercial Affairs, Public Transport and the Port Neil Costa
MP, yesterday announced the completion of swimming pools and progress in the
beach refurbishment programme that was initiated earlier this year.
The improvements include the main pool whose depth has been increased and the
toddler pool in Little Bay and Catalan Bay.
In order to facilitate access a ramp and wider steps leading to the pool have also
been constructed.
Additionally new permanent, concrete walkways are being provided at Eastern
Beach, Catalan Bay and Western Beach, replacing the temporary wooden structures
which were annually removed after each bathing season.
At Camp Bay three brand new stainless steel stairs have been installed leading from
the concrete concourse and quays promenade down to the sea.
As part of the refurbishment programme, a fully automated water chlorination system
has been connected at the swimming pool.
At Sandy Bay all toilet, shower and changing room facilities are in the process of
being refurbished.
Another innovation this summer has been the purchase of waterparks which were
introduced at Western Beach last year, and will now be available in all local beaches.
This year the weekend beach lifeguard service was introduced on April 12th ahead of
the full service which is set to begin on June 7th, while beach attendants have been
in action on a daily basis since May 1st.
Mr Costa welcomed the improvements to bathing conditions and said these
underlined the Ministry of Tourism’s commitment to a continuous review of services
and facilities available at local beaches.
He said: “Going to the beach in the summer is a cherished family tradition in
Gibraltar. We are very conscious that the facilities have to be improved year on year
because the public expect high standards in their beaches. We will continue to invest
to ensure that these are fully accessible to all in the community so they can continue
to enjoy their bathing season which is such an important ingredient of our way of life
during the summer months."
Mr Costa added his personal gratitude for the very hard
work put in by the GTB management and staff at the beaches department, not least,
the tireless maintenance team, to ensure the timely completion of all the projects.