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Gibraltar Cultural Services is inviting young women to sign up to the 2020 Miss Gibraltar Pageant. The Pageant will be held on Saturday 6 th June 2020 at the John Mackintosh Hall Theatre and its organisation this year is spearheaded by Gibraltar Cultural Services and Gibmedia. 
Contestants must be aged between 17 (as at 6 th June 2020) and not more than 26 years old (as at 31st December 2020). The first 10 contestants to sign for the Pageant will each receive £500. The winner of the Pageant will represent Gibraltar at the Miss World Pageant, later in the year.
 Prizes are: 
Miss Gibraltar £2,000 cash £3,500 clothing allowance Participation at Miss World 2020 
1 st Princess £1,000 cash £500 clothing allowance 
2 nd Princess £500 cash £500 clothing allowance 
The Production Team are encouraging young women to use this as a platform to express and challenge themselves and not miss out on a positive and rewarding experience. It will also provide entrants with an opportunity to be involved in a unique production with a great team of experienced and talented professionals from the entertainment & fashion industry.


06th Jun , 9:00pm - 11:00pm

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