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With summer now in full swing Minister for Tourism, Commercial Affairs, Public
Transport and the Port Neil Costa MP today unveiled the second phase of an
ambitious programme of works to improve facilities at all local beaches.
He said that new recreational waterparks, which have proved very popular with the
public, and jelly fish booms have been installed in all bathing areas, while recalling
that the daily lifeguard service was already in operation.
Mr Costa also noted the successful introduction of beach accessibility units at Camp
Bay, Western Beach, Eastern Beach and Catalan Bay, in addition to the ramps and
other accessibility features, to facilitate and ensure wholly user-friendly beaches in
Gibraltar for all members of the public regardless of their physical condition. The
provision of Changing Places – accessible toilets with electrical overhead hoisting
facilities, adult changing bench, shower and shower chairs are now provided at many
bathing areas.
At Western Beach, the accessibility unit will be complemented by a repositioned
lifeguard post which will enhance visibility of the beach.
Eastern Beach has two waterparks one at each end of the beach and two beach
umbrella stores for use by members of the public.
At the latter beaches enhanced features include the new waterparks.
Mr Costa said that the Gibraltar Government regularly reviewed the quality of the
tourist product and naturally, the state of beaches, its facilities and amenities to
ensure that the necessary investment was made available to keep them up to
standard and meet the demands of the public.
He reiterated that going to the beach was a cherished tradition of the Gibraltarian
way of life during the summer months and that the administration would continue to
pour material and human resources as it had done year after year.
Mr Costa added: “We are delighted with the second phase of our beach
refurbishment and improvement works, along with all the other enhancements at all
the other beaches and are confident that the public at large will have an enjoyable
and safe time in our much improved beaches this summer.”
Samantha Sacramento, Minister for Equality stated: “In the past many people with a
disability, their families and carers have been deprived of equal access to our
beaches, a facility which many of us take for granted. The introduction of
accessibility features is a clear indication of the Government’s continued
commitment to create an inclusive community. It is our aim to encourage
participation by individuals with a disability in public life. Practical steps as those
undertaken at our beaches demonstrate that by taking positive action we are all able
to promote equality of opportunity for people with a disability.”