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Costa welcomes new ‘passport-stamp’ Gib souvenir for tourists
Gibraltar Tourist Board will soon be introducing a new voluntary passport souvenir
stamp which visitors will be able to obtain as an official memento of their visit to the
The idea developed by locally based accountant Eran Shay, has also been
conceived as an innovative promotional tool for the Gibraltar tourist product as it
includes the GTB website address
The Casemates Information Office will begin offering the service as from this week
and each stamp will cost £2.
Signs informing visitors of the availability of this facility will be deployed at all GTB
information offices across the Rock.
Minister for Tourism, Commercial Affairs, Public Transport and the Port Neil Costa
MP, welcomed the initiative and highlighted its potential value as a profile raising and
marketing instrument for Gibraltar.
The stamp will also include the GTB logo and the message ‘Thank you for visiting the
Rock of Gibraltar.’
Mr Costa said: “We are always looking at new ideas and ways in which to promote
Gibraltar and our tourist product abroad and this passport stamp does precisely that.
I am delighted that the GTB has accepted Mr Shay’s proposal and I am sure it will be
a resounding success.”