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Although it covers an area of just 6.8km sq, Gibraltar packs in more than its fair share of tourist attractions. While the main sight is the enormous limestone Rock of Gibraltar, the territory’s culture, military history and excellent climate have seen it host thousands of visitors over the years. Here’s how the tourism sector looks today.

9,800,000 land frontier arrivals every year

300,000 visitor arrivals by cruise ship every year

205,000 air arrivals every year

15% UK

80% Spain, 4% EU, 1% rest of world

344 visitors per inhabitant

58,700 visitor arrivals at Gibraltar’s hotels each year

£207,240,000 total annual expenditure by tourists

300 days of sunshine per year on average

160 Barbary Macaques call Gibraltar home

792,000 visitors to the Upper Rock Nature Reserve each year

2,373 yacht arrivals in 2014

79 cruise ship arrivals in the first half of 2015

3 species of dolphin found in Gibraltar, common nose, bottle nose and striped

412 metres above sea level. The height reached by the cable car journey to the top of the Rock

140 the approximate number of caves that riddle the Rock of Gibraltar, with some estimates placing the number at 200

32 miles of tunnels honeycomb the Rock, excavated during the WW11 and The Great Siege1779—83

Source: Gibraltar Tourist Board, Gibraltar Air Terminal Ltd, Gibraltar Statistics Office

NB Figures rounded to the nearest 1000 with latest data available.


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