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Carnival UK Britain’s leading cruise operator of P&O Cruises and Cunard has
declared that Gibraltar is the third most visited port of call for them in 2015 after
Southampton – their home base – and the Portuguese port of Lisbon.
The information was conveyed personally to Minister for Tourism, Commercial
Affairs, Public Transport and the Port, Neil Costa MP during a meeting in London with
representatives of Carnival UK.
Mr Costa said that Carnival UK had expressed their satisfaction at the business
relationship they have struck up with Gibraltar as a port of call.
Steven Young, Head of Port Operations and Services, P&O, Cunard, Carnival UK
said: “We are very happy that Gibraltar is becoming more and more important as a
port of call for our group. In recent years we have seen a steady increase in the
number of visits and this is a trend we expect to see maintained.”
P&O Cruises and Cunard operate in ports all over the Mediterranean with Gibraltar
recording the highest activity in the cruise company schedules.
The Minister added: “It is very encouraging for Gibraltar to be seen as a major player
by the cruise industry in UK. We are continuously striving to improve all areas of our
tourist product and recognition of this type rewards the hard work that the Gibraltar
Tourist Board, the Port Authority and our partners in the private sector are carrying
out to promote Gibraltar’s good name as an attractive port of call.”