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In its commitment to improve Gibraltar’s tourist product by investing in the Upper Rock, the Government is proud to announce the latest in a series of enhancements to the Gibraltar Nature Reserve visitor experience. A new and enhanced attraction has been introduced at St Michael’s Cave.

Following a recent competitive process, local media and content creators, Wright Tech have partnered with Projection Artworks, leaders in projection mapping technology, to create a world class tourist product which will deliver a completely new experience that is sympathetic with the cave and which enhances its features. The audience will be taken on an interconnecting and unforgettable journey through Gibraltar’s history and natural history using discreetly positioned projectors to bring this vividly to life.

This tourism product uses advanced technologies in order to create a touching experience for all ages, using abstract and awe-inspiring projections of key moments and characters from the past, bringing history to life in a unique setting.

This initiative will bring an exhilarating tourism product to the Gibraltar Nature Reserve, in keeping with the Government’s commitment to continuous improvement of the Gibraltar experience for tourists and residents alike.

Minister for the Environment John Cortes said, “Mapping technology has seen only limited use in Gibraltar, such as in the Christmas Festival of Lights on the City hall. It is used elsewhere, for example in Disney parks, to great effect. It is high time we had this in Gibraltar. Our thrilling history and our rich natural history, in the unique setting of the Cave, are an inimitable combination. I can’t wait to see the final product.”