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Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar and FRS are delighted to announce the resumption of the ferry service between Gibraltar and Tangier since it was stopped during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Government and FRS have been working on this for a while but have only managed for this to happen now after the opening of Morocco’s sea borders and permission being granted by the Moroccan authorities.

Present at the arrival of the first service were Minister for the Port, the Hon. Vijay Daryanani MP, The Captain of the Port, Co-CEO of FRS Ronny Moriana, Co-CEO Tim Gädecken and FRS Operations Director Mr Suarez.

Mr Ronny Moriana, CEO of FRS said: “We have been working with the Gibraltar Government and the Moroccan authorities to restart and are delighted for this service to start up again. We understand the importance of this service to the Moroccan community and we are happy to provide it”.

The Hon. Vijay Daryanani MP, Minister for Maritime Services, said: “First and foremost, I am delighted for our Moroccan community as they have suffered the most without the service. I have been in touch with FRS for a while waiting for the opportunity to get this off the ground and I am grateful to them for this. Links with Morocco are extremely important as we look forward at new opportunities after Brexit, especially those linked to tourism and commerce”.