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Last week, Government Archaeologist Dominic Lopez, and Senior Scientist Stephen Warr represented the Minister for Heritage and Environment at a courtesy call on the restoration of Lord Airey’s Battery in the upper rock.

The project was taken on by Alabare, a UK based charity who supports vulnerable, homeless and marginalised people, who wanted to provide a group of veterans the opportunity to come to Gibraltar and work on a heritage related project. Many of them had served in Gibraltar and had positive memories of their experience, so an opportunity was sought to foster and enhance an existing relationship.

The Ministry for Heritage has supported the charity by providing them with financial support for the project, organising transportation as well as helping to set up the heritage related work that would need to be carried out.

Together with the Gibraltar Heritage Trust, HMGoG focused on the restoration of Lord Airey’s Battery in the upper rock as Pete Jackson had been working on it for quite some time; therefore an ideal opportunity to provide him with support as well as providing the charity with a unique location and asset to work on.

The work although intensive and physical was worth it for everyone involved.

The Minister for Heritage would like to thank the Chief Executive of Alabare, Andrew Lord, for all the great work he undertakes for the most vulnerable through his wonderful charity, but most of all to the veterans involved in the project for having contributed to the restoration of such an important asset on behalf of the people of Gibraltar.

The Minister would also like to thank the Ministry for Heritage, Gibraltar Heritage Trust and especially Pete Jackson for the enormous contribution he has provided to this project.

The Minister for Heritage welcomed the project and said: This is yet another example of the spirit of collaboration, which prevails in Gibraltar in the interest of preserving our unique heritage. I am really pleased to see and hugely welcome the support given to Gibraltar’s Heritage and thank them most sincerely for their excellent restoration work.”