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Fonnafly Gibraltar

Fonnafly is extremely pleased and grateful to have been granted permission to operate a commercial helicopter base at Gibraltar airport. The company is the dominant and largest operator of sightseeing flights in Norway. In particular, the Company serves the cruise industry market place and in 2018 flew more than 2000 sightseeing flights from our 5 bases.

Fonnafly believes the unique location of Gibraltar offers great potential for many of our services. Initially, the Company will focus on the tourist market, in particular the cruise industry and tourists visiting from Spain. However, bearing in mind that Gibraltar is an important shipping location and has an extensive number of law firms and financial institutions, the Company believes there is also the potential for other helicopter services.

Other services the Company can offer are Cargo flights, Taxi flights, Surveillance, Aerial photo services, Ship crew change etc.



  • Established in 1970 as a fixed wing operator customized to meet demand from tourist market in the Norwegian fjord and mountain plateaus.
  • Helicopter operations started in 2004 with one helicopter, currently operating 13 helicopters out of 5 bases in Southern Norway – Stryn, Voss, Bergen, Sand, Kristiansand and Sandefjord Torp.
  • 55 highly skilled and qualified employees
  • Turnover 2018 – 13 million Euro
  • Approved Part 145 Helicopter Maintenance shop at Sandefjord airport Torp, Norway
  • Bergen and Stryn our main tourist bases, currently expanding to include Kristiansand
  • Operations in Gibraltar will be performed with an EC130 helicopter carrying up to 7 passengers, focusing initially on the current tourist market.  Helicopter has large windows on both sides and in front, which gives all passengers a fantastic view.
  • EC130 helicopter offers a very low noise footprint compared to other similar helicopters in the market


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