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Walking and wine tasting tours

Our walking tour of Gibraltar's historical sites is certainly going to show you a different side unknown to many. Our experienced guide will take you through Gibraltar's city walls which once stood as the towns central defences. The tour will lead you to the old part of town, where you will learn of the many tales during the towns vivid history. Our tour really lives up to the hype, not only will the guide take you through our streets, we will take you back and realise how military history has shaped Gibraltar to become a worldwide phenomenon.

It may just seem as a piece of Rock Lying in the Southern Peninsula, however, once we uncover the many tales of the past, you will certainly be amazed how Gibraltar's past occupants all thought of keeping the stronghold whatever it took. Every detail is visible, although at first it may not seem evident our guide will gaze you through all pieces of history which have shaped Gibraltar's modern day appearances. 

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