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Gustavo Bacarisas Gallery

The Gallery is located in the historical barracks in Grand Casemates Square, known colloquially as Casemates. Construction of the barracks was officially completed in 1817, and the square was opened after the destruction of many surrounding buildings during the Great Siege. The Square has an interesting and varied history and was once the site of public hangings as well as a car park much later.

The Gallery itself is contained within the Barracks and is made up of five large vaults. An attractive venue, with its historical elements merging with modern features to make it a unique contemporary space. The original limestone brick walls have been exposed, with the large, vaulted ceilings and timber framed windows all adding to the venue’s charm.

Launched in 2011 the Gallery is named after acclaimed Gibraltarian artist Gustavo Bacarisas. Since its opening, it has hosted many exhibitions and events including international artistic collaborations, annual art competitions and other cultural events. The world-famous Beatles Memorabilia Julian Lennon exhibition was displayed in 2013, with the ‘Being With Trees’ exhibition featuring the Arborealist Group in 2021. The Gibraltar Island Games Exhibition is just one more of the past highlights. The Gallery is always a good choice for visitors as there is always something of interest on offer.

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