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Rock Escape Rooms

Rock Escape Rooms offer the ever-increasingly popular entertainment and leisure activity of escape rooms. An escape room is a live-action adventure game where players are challenged to escape from a room, or a series of rooms within a 60 minute time frame. During the escape they are tasked with beating and solving a range of challenges, puzzles and other obstacles with the objective of getting out within the time allotted. If players get stuck at a certain point, clues are available to help them towards solving that section of the game. Each game has its own immersive style, theme and story to accompany the game solving.

To see any more information on our games or how to book, visit:

We can be contacted at any time via private message through our Facebook page and aim to reply always within an hour. We can also be contacted via email at


Find us:


11:00 - 21:00


Price per adult is dependent on group size:

  • £16 each for a group of 5
  • £17 each for a group of 4
  • £18 each for a group of 3
  • £20 each for a couple
  • Kids 9 - 17 are £12 each
  • Children 8 and under are free

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