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An Art Day




Grab breakfast in town in one of the many venues. Wherever you choose to dine in the town centre, you will be surrounded by Gibraltar’s history and culture, whether it’s the buildings, people or a specific event taking place. If you are feeling like a lighter breakfast why not grab a takeaway coffee and grab a sneak peak at some of Gibraltar’s street art, hidden around the street corners as you meander down to Casemates Square. Check Google maps for a list of Gibraltar’s street art.





Check out the Gustavo Bacarisas Gallery in Casemates Arcade for regular special exhibitions, check the event ahead of your day online at In Casemates you can also visit the Fine Arts Gallery where you can support local artists by purchasing an artwork or visiting their current exhibition.






Walk over to Gibraltar’s Exhibition of Modern Art Gallery on Line Wall Road. Situated within the historical Montagu Bastion, this art exhibition is like no other. Featuring the internationally acclaimed Christian Hook, represented by Clarendon Fine Art Gallery and prize-winning artworks, all part of the Gibraltar Government’s Art Collection. This Gallery is sure to entertain and impress all ages with paintings, sketches, sculptures, and installations. A great family visit too, as the little ones can pick up ‘GEMA Kids’ worksheets and explore the gallery through fun activities.





The Mario Finlayson National Art Gallery

Head over to John Mackintosh Square in the centre of town and you will find Gibraltar’s National Art Gallery, home to our Heritage Artists. Here you will be able to explore works by six Gibraltarian artists who were prolific in their field. The Gallery itself is held within the historical building of the City Hall, once a family residence, later a hotel, then home to the City Council and now also the Mayor’s Parlour. The cool marble floors provide a relief from the heat and the hustle and bustle of the town.  You can enjoy walking around the large gallery spaces, admiring the works of Gustavo Bacarisas, famous not only in Gibraltar but worldwide, known for his creative theatre stage sets in Paris and ‘Pañoletas’ which decorate the Sevilla Pavilion. You can continue your journey through the rooms to visit Jacobo Azagury, Rudesindo Mannia, Elio Cruz, Leni Mifsud and of course Mario Finlayson who campaigned for years to establish a National Gallery in Gibraltar. This is a gem in the heart of town not to be missed!





Street Art

Take a detour from the main route through town and head down the British Wall memorial, behind City Hall and south along Queensway Road. Here you will find an example of Gibraltar’s street art, ‘Touch the Earth Gently, for all is Connected’. Mother Nature can be seen blessing the Earth with her touch, the message, that we need to look after our planet because every action carries a consequence. The mural aims to resonate with the actual park which it surrounds. On Google Maps you can guided yourself along all of Gibraltar’s street art or download a map from



There are plenty of lovely spots around this area for lunch, whether you have packed a picnic to enjoy in the park, head further south towards Queensway Quay Marina or make your way back into the Town through the park or Wellington Front to find a spot in town. Over lunch check out the events page on or follow @gibraltarculturalservices to see what current exhibitions or events might be taking place at the John Mackintosh Hall and Inces Hall.




John Mackintosh Hall

A central hub to Gibraltar’s cultural scene. Depending on the season and month you might be able to catch a play, concert, magic show, literature week or much more. Often tickets can be pre-purchase online at Inces Hall is also just next door which hosts the annual Drama Festival as well as other major theatrical events. Relax and enjoy the afternoon before attending an evening performance.


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