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Campion Park

Campion Park in the area between the MidTown Development and the King’s Bastion Leisure Centre. The park is similar in style to the hugely popular Commonwealth Park, which it is linked to via the Leisure Centre and along Queensway. Large grass areas as well as an open paved area will be available for use for projections, performances and other events. 80 new mature trees will provide a shaded canopy and a new carbon sink for Gibraltar. Incorporate is also a natural children’s play area featuring wood structures in keeping with the environmental aims of the space.

Minister for Environment, Heritage and Climate Change John Cortes commented, “I am so very pleased to be able to announce this new park. Commonwealth Park has done so much for the community and for the environment that this was something that just had to happen. It is consistent with our Climate Change aims and will bring more new life - in more ways than one - into the heart of Gibraltar.”

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