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American War Memorial

This memorial was erected by The United States of America to commemorate the achievements and comradeship of the American and British Navies in this vicinity during World War 1. Inscriptions on plaques at the memorial;- Operation Torch: In memory of the British and American military who risked their lives in the liberation of North Africa in World War II. The lessons learned and relationships forged between these forces during this campaign ultimately led to the liberation of Europe; USS Chauncey: Sacred to the memory of the officers and men of the USS Chauncey who, during the World War lost their lives on 19 November 1917, while engaged on patrol duty off the Strait of Gibraltar. US Coast Guard Tampa and US Coast Guard Seneca: Sacred to the memory of the one hundred and fifteen officers and men of the US Coast Guard Cutter Tampa sunk by enemy submarine in the Bristol Channel on the 26 September 1918 when all on board were lost. And to the memory of the eleven officers and men of the US Coast Guard Seneca lost in bravely endeavouring as volunteers to salvage the torpedoed British Steamer Wellington in the Bay of Biscay on the 17 September 1918; The First US Naval Mediterranean Squadron, dispatched by President Thomas Jefferson to protect American interests in the Mediterranean. The Squadron's first port of call was Gibraltar on 1 July 1801, and the first documented gun salute fired by the US Navy in the Mediterraneanwas to Lt Gen O'Hara, Governor of Gibraltar


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