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Dolphin Watching & Boat Trips

A dolphin-watching trip is the most enjoyable way of seeing these fascinating mammals up close and there are two companies to choose from. The dolphins in the bay and strait area can be seen nearly any day, primarily the Common Dolphin, Bottlenose Dolphin and the Striped Dolphin.

Dolphins are very sociable animals, spending almost all of their time in the company of others of their species. The groups of dolphins can range from very few, to several hundred, living and working together. They will work together to gather food, help each other to sleep, to give birth to new infants or to assist when another dolphin is ill or injured. These cetaceans can be found in various haunts around the coast of Gibraltar where they feed on sardines, herring, squid, anchovies and flying fish and have been known to dive to a depth of about 280 metres.

Get to see the Rock from another point of view, see the caves on the East Side, enjoy the views of Gibraltar, Morocco, Spain.


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