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Monkey Talks - Gibraltar Macaque Experience

This is your chance to take part in a truly unforgettable wildlife experience. Winner of the 2015 Gibraltar Heritage Award, Monkey Talk – Gibraltar’s Macaque Educational Encounters offer the only opportunity in Europe to spend time with a habituated troop of free-living monkeys, in a natural setting, away from other tourists. The stunning natural photos really do speak for themselves.

The ‘Gibraltar Macaque Experience’ has been devised with the aim of providing an alternative to main stream tourism. As part of a small group and in the company of a local primatologist, participants get to learn all about the Barbary Macaques’ social behaviours, observing them in their natural  habitat wherever possible away from the roadside and respecting their space. Outings are intimate, personal and improvised on the day according to the macaques’ trajectories.

After her outing, Karli from Ottawa wrote: "Brian took my son and I on an excursion we will never forget. He shared insight, knowledge and his passion for the macaques in a way that allowed us to experience them as they are in their natural habitat. We gained respect for these amazing beings as well as a comprehensive understanding for how they live and interact with each other. If you plan to visit the macaques, this is the way to do it! Thank you so very much for an incredible experience.”

Claire from Manchester wrote: "What an amazing experience! Brian is amazing, very knowledgeable and happy to answer the heap of questions that we threw his way. The relationship that he has developed with the macaques really shows in the mutual respect that they show each other. We felt safe and couldn’t stop talking about the experience since. Most definitely the highlight of our trip here in Gibraltar!”

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The outings last a minimum of two hours and always take place in the last two hours of daylight which means that starting times are forever changing with the seasons. They range from 16:00 to 18:00 in the height of winter (mid-December to mid-January) to approx. 19:30 to 21:30 in mid-June to mid-July. They are therefore best suited for those stopping over. Ideal group size is two to six persons. Participants need to be relatively mobile as there is often some scrambling.

People are advised to wear suitable outdoor shoes. Sandals and/or high heels are not allowed. Due to the nature of the outings the experience is not recommended for children under the age of five.

Please contact our local agent listed on this page for further information regarding availability, starting times, prices and bookings or contact us via our facebook page. Remember don’t just go and see the macaques, let Monkey Talk – Gibraltar submerge you in their world.

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