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Royal Marines' Memorial

This monument marks the enduring link between Gibraltar and the Royal Marines and was dedicated in 2009 by the Commandant General Royal Marines. On 21st July 1704, the Prince of Hesse Darmstadt led some British and Dutch marines ashore near here to serve the isthmus and lay siege to the Garrison of Gibraltar following a naval assault on the New Mole, the Garrison surrendered on 26th July. Following the capture, the marines formed the largest contingent on the Rock and bore the brunt of the fighting with Spanish and French troops. Because British marines (awarded the title Royal in 1802) subsequently fought in so many actions around the globe, in 1827 King George IV decided that their colours would in future bear the symbol of “the great globe itself” and that henceforth the only battle honour on Royal Marines’ colours would be that of Gibraltar!

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