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Victory Tours - Barbary Macaque Experience

This is a tour that you cannot miss, especially if visiting Gibraltar.

Barbary macaques are Europe’s only species of primate.

They live in large groups and there is usually a matriarch, or dominant female, that oversees the entire group. Where there’s a leader there’s also a second and third in line and within a macaque troop it’s no different as there’s a definite hierarchy, or ranking system.

One thing you’ll notice about macaques is that they don’t seem to have a tail. They actually have what’s known as a ‘vestigial’ tail. This means that over time the macaque has evolved and the tail has all but disappeared as it’s no longer required.

It’s not unusual to see our macaques grooming each other. The reason they do this is to reduce their stress levels and also to strengthen the bonds within the group. Plus, it keeps their fur bug free!

If you see our macaques ‘chattering’ their teeth together, then don’t worry, it’s not a sign of aggression. In fact, it’s the complete opposite, it’s actually them being friendly towards one another and ‘smiling.’

Join Tommy in this tailor made Barbary Macaque Experience where you will learn the national importance of the Barbary Macaques, their social behaviours and how these animals are so similar to Homo sapiens (humans).

Included on the tour (Minimum of 2 people):

  • Return Transport
  • Guide for 2.5 hours
  • Memorable experience



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