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Gibraltar the City- Full Day Private Tour - Victory Tours

On this private full day tour, you will get to meet the real Gibraltar.

Two walking tours that complement each other that will merge to take you on a time travel capsule back to the days Gibraltar was a Garrison City. Bonus...lunch is included.

Price Includes:

  • Old Town Historic Walking Tour
  • Light Lunch at local restaurant (burger and one drink included).
  • South District Walking Tour

Old Town Historic Walking Tour

On this tour our expert guide will explain the importance of Gibraltar's initial city within the defence walls and show you all the hidden gems within our Old Town area that usually go unnoticed by visitors.

Interests include:

  • Casemates and Landport Gate
  • Engineer's Lane
  • Governor's Street
  • Town Range
  • Garrison Library (external)
  • Old Gibraltar Chronicle Building (external)
  • City Hall (external)
  • Irish Town
  • Orange Bastion
  • British War Memorial
  • Line Wall Curtain
  • Lover's Lane/Wellington Front
  • Convent Place 
  • South Port Gate

South District Walking Tour

This tour starts at Southport Gates and ends at Europa Point.

South District is split up between upper and lower regions. It affords great views and aspects southeast towards the Bay, Strait of Gibraltar, and Africa.

Interests include:

  • South Port Gates
  • Trafalgar Cemetery
  • Jumpers Bastion
  • Alameda Gardens
  • Parson’s Lodge (external)
  • 100 Ton Gun
  • Rosia Bay
  • Camp Bay
  • Lighthouse
  • Hardings Battery
  • Europa Point.



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