05 September 2014 to 31 October 2014

A Collection of Paintings and Prints

A collection of paintings and prints of Gibraltar themed paintings by Gail Francis-Tiron

Venue: Café Solo, Casemates Square as from 5 September 2014

Entrance: free

08 September 2014 to 30 September 2014

Bathsheba Peralta Painting Exhibition 2014

Fine Arts Gallery, The Balcony, Casemates Square

Admission free

09 September 2014 to 23 November 2014

Ambrose Avellano: Dancing under the shadows

Ambrose Avellano Art Exhibition

Official Opening of the 2nd Little Constellation Project, curated by Alessandro Castiglioni

Organised by the Gibraltar Cultural Services in conjunction with the Little Constellation Network

Venue: Montagu Bastion Line Wall Road
27 September 2014

Cheersport Solo Competition


A fun filled event for all the family giving you an insight as to what cheerleading is all about. 

This event particularly covers the Cheersport category mixing cheer elements with tumbling and dance. There will also be demonstrations of group stunting by our very own National Squad and lots of interactive games and a freestyle competition open to everyone present at the venue, including the audience! An event not to be missed.

Saturday 27th September 2014

11am at the Tercentenary Sports Hall

Entry Fee £2.00 at the door

For more information contact: Mrs Georgina Morello Caballero on

Tel: 58008338 or email

27 September 2014

Gibraltar Bowl (Rugby)

Gibraltar Vets Vs Royal Marines Invitation XV & Gibraltar Select XV

Saturday 27th September 2014, Victoria Stadium

Kick Off times - 3pm & 5pm



TICKETS £5 Under 16s free

01 October 2014 to 05 October 2014

European Championship Thunder Cat Racing

Long Haul - Thursday 2nd October - starting at Eastern Beach

Circuit/Surf - Saturday 4th October - Eastern Beach

Circuit/Surf - Sunday 5th October - Eastern Beach

The Caleta Hotel will be the main event base for the officials and racers. All teams can contact the reservations department on email or by calling +350 20076501 and state that they are participating in the Thunder Cat Racing European Championships 2014 

We have teams already confirmed from UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Gibraltar with a special guest country making a visit! 

Thundercat racing takes place in the surf just metres from the beach and is based on a 400 metres x 200 metres 'm' circuit that has five turn buoys including a chicane.  This close action racing produces an adrenaline sport that is exciting and thrilling for both racers and spectators.  The boats are designed to plane quickly across the water allowing the hull to ride on a cushion of air bubbles.

The racing team consists of a pilot who controls the speed and direction and co-pilot who moves around the decking, leaning into turns and jumping towards the nose when the jump lifts up and threatens to flip!!uim-europeans-gibraltar-2014/c1a6t

Plants and their uses

Time:10.30 am George Don Gates, The Alameda, Gibraltar Botanic Gardens

Price: £5.00 adults, children free of charge

For further information contact Tel: +350 20041235

20 October 2014 to 25 October 2014

Gibraltar Jazz Festival 2014

Gibraltar International Jazz Festival

The Ministry of Culture, in conjunction with the Gibraltar Jazz Society, announces the star studded

line up for the 3rd Gibraltar International Jazz Festival. The Festival events start on 20th

October and will feature sixteen shows and events including concerts, street parades, jazz

workshops and jam sessions. The actual concerts start on 23rd running up to the 25th of


The Festival will be headlined by international acts; Eliane Elias with special guest Randy

Brecker, and Fillet O Soul with special guests Mica Paris, Omar and Madeline Bell bringing

together the international jazz scene and its ever-growing public audience.

The Festival itself will begin on Wednesday 22nd with a Launch party at O’Callaghan Elliott

Hotel and a Pre-Festival Jazz Night showcasing local talent with the George Posso Trio and

other musicians taking part in the jazz workshops.

The trio will perform as part of the Festival itself on the 23rd of October prior to the main

performance by Eliane Elias and featuring Randy Brecker as a special guest.

Pianist, singer and songwriter, Eliane Elias is known for her distinctive and instantly

recognizable musical style which blends her Brazilian roots and her sensuous, alluring voice

with her impressive instrumental jazz, classical and compositional skills.

On Friday 24th, the stage of the Queen’s Cinema will showcase local talent, with performances

by ever popular Levanter Breeze and The Soul Mates.

The Gibraltar International Jazz Festival will close on the night of the 25th of October with

performances by the Massias/Galiardo collective, followed by Fillet O Soul, made up of

musicians from Jools Holland’s orchestra and BBCs "Strictly Come Dancing" fame, with special

guests Mica Paris, Omar and Madeline Bell.

As from the 14th of August, tickets will be available at these prices: First night, £35;


night, £25; Third night, £50. Season ticket for the three nights will be £100. Tickets will be sold

from the Ministry of Culture at the City Hall or by calling +350 20066819, email:

Jazz Workshops will also be offered from Monday 20th to Wednesday 22nd October headed by

Elie Massias and with the participation of Pedro Cortejosa on sax, David Leon on drums and

percussion and Jose Lopez on double bass at John Mackintosh Hall. Price will be £20 pounds

per day or £50 for the three days. Those wishing to attend the workshops should contact the

Ministry of Culture at the City Hall or by calling +350 20066819, email:

Constantly updated info is available at


20 October 2014 to 26 October 2014

The Gibraltar Open Bowling Tournament

The Gibraltar Open will be staged at the King's Bowl, located within the King's Bastion Leisure Centre. 

Promoted by by the Gibraltar Sports & Leisure Authority and sanctioned by the WTBA, ETBF and the Gibraltar Tenpin Bowling Association.  

Opened in 2009 the Bowl consists of 14 Synthetic Lanes and operates a Brunswick Management System.

Promoted by by the Gibraltar Sports & Leisure Authority and sanctioned by the WTBA, ETBF and the Gibraltar Tenpin Bowling Association, The Gibraltar Open is a must do stop for this year's tour.

With a guaranteed Prize Fund of £25,000,  where else would you want to be between the 20th and 26th of October 2014?


20th October

Qualifying Squads

1  to  3


21st October

Qualifying Squads

4 to 6


22nd October

Qualifying Squads

7 to 9


23rd October

Qualifying Squads

10 to 12


24th October

Qualifying Squads

13 to 16


25th October

Qualifying Squads

17 to 20 & Desperado


26th October


For further information:

Celebrated on October 21, Trafalgar Day marks the day in which Britain triumphed in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. This historic marine conflict was fought off the Cape of Trafalgar, offshore from Cadiz, Spain, with forces from Spain and France clashing with Britain.

The Battle of Trafalgar made Lord Horatio Nelson one of Britain's most famous war heroes. As Admiral in the Navy, he led our British fleet to victory; a fleet then being composed of warships built from wood, powered by sails and armed with cannons along both sides.

Nelson first joined the Navy at the age of twelve, experiencing many adventures at sea throughout his life. This left him war-wounded - with only one arm and blind in one eye! But this did not prevent him moving up the ranks and becoming Admiral. As Admiral, he was appreciated by his troops; he took great care of them and in return they showed him great loyalty. The Battle of Trafalgar was his most famous triumph but he was well known and celebrated before that for winning important battles in Egypt, the Caribbean and Denmark.

In the time leading up to the Battle, there was a feeling of unrest within Britain as an invasion from France (led by Napoleon Bonaparte) was thought to be imminent. Napoleon had conquered much of Europe and it seemed that Britain would be next on the list. Nelson stepped up to take the lead in planning the attack that finally brought down the French Navy.

27 British men of war and 4 frigates met 33 French and Spanish large ships and another 7 frigates. The experienced, well trained and disciplined British forces met the French and Spanish forces that were weaker in contrast in that most of their best officers and leaders had been either executed or dismissed at the beginning of the French Revolution!  (being considered bourgeois)

Initially, the 4 British frigates were used as bait for the Spanish and French sailors; they hovered, keeping watch over the Cadiz harbour while the main force held back 50 miles away and out of sight. By 15th October,

Nelson had reinforced his fleet and they were at full strength. Vice-Admiral Pierre-Charles Villeneuve on the other hand, commanding the French, was suffering a severe shortage of both men and supplies. But Nelson was forced to send a number of ships to Gibraltar for supplies and then one ship back to Britain with Sir Robert Calder (who had been court-martialled for a lack of aggression in a previous battle), which left the British force depleted and gave Villeneuve a glimpse of hope for his attack.

In attack, the British fleet advanced in two lines (with Nelson and Admiral Collingwood in charge) to meet the French and Spanish fleets who set sail from Cadiz. Nelson was aboard The Victory, the leading ship and, being directly in the line of fire, took a bullet in his back from a French sniper. He was taken below the deck to be treated and later died, but died in the knowledge that his fleet was victorious. Nelson's last words, to his Captain of the Victory, Captain Hardy, cannot be agreed on. The dispute is between whether it was "kiss me, Hardy" or "kismet, Hardy" (kismet meaning fate or destiny). Hardy and Nelson were good friends so the former is a possibility but no one can be sure. The Spanish fleet also lost their Admiral due to the injuries he suffered during the battle, only months later.

When news of the triumph reached British shores, bells were rung in churches, personal and community celebrations were held across the country, even the Theatre Royal put on a special performance. Everyone strived to find a connection with the Navy to become a central part of a national victory. The day marks the beginning of an era when Britain held authority within Europe and mastery of the seas. However, merriment was overshadowed by the loss of an heroic and masterful leader, and so, celebrations of victory also celebrate Nelson and commemorate those lost.

Every year, Gibraltar commemorates a solemn Trafalgar Day Service at Trafalgar Cemetery where lie the remains of two people who died of wounds at the Battle. 

09 November 2014

Remembrance Sunday

Sunday November 9, will be observed as Remembrance Sunday and the usual Gibraltar Ceremony of Remembrance will be held at The British War Memorial, Line Wall Road at noon.

The Governor Lieutenant General Sir James Dutton will lead the service and, on his arrival, will read the Bidding. This is followed by the observance of the two minutes silence, the beginning and end of which is signalled by a saluting gun. The Last Post will be sounded, after which wreaths are laid, and a non-denominational service follows. The ceremony will conclude with the sounding of Reveille and the Singing of the National Anthem.

Medals and decorations may be worn with civilian dress by all those entitled to do so and relatives of the dead may also wear them.

11 November 2014

Armistice Day

The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month marks the signing of the Armistice to signal the end of World War One “the War to end all Wars”, on the 11 November 1918.

As in previous years, the occasion will be celebrated with a short ceremony at the lobby of Parliament House. At this location, memorials are found commemorating the names of those Gibraltarians who lost their lives in the Wars. The two-minute silence will be marked by the firing of a gun by the Royal Gibraltar Regiment at 11.00 hrs. Buglers will then sound the Last Post and wreaths will be laid.

14 November 2014 to 16 November 2014

The Gibunco Gibraltar Literary Festival 2014

Different venues around Gibraltar  further details to be announced shortly

The Rock’s first ever international literary festival was a resounding success. 

An eclectic mix of authors, historians and literary critics

delighted audiences with a varied and absorbing programme of lectures that delved

into the most diverse range of cultural, literary and historical subjects.

The eight selected venues reverberated with excitement as audience participation,

book-signings and book sales of participating authors confirmed the Festival’s

successful birth and powerful eruption onto the European stage of literary festivals.

From the erudite and scholarly to the accessible and popular, the festival’s range of

content, efficient logistics and standards of hospitality impressed participants

who are experienced veterans from some of the most prestigious and well

established literary festivals in UK and the world.

Minister for Tourism, Public Transport, Commercial Affairs and the Port Neil Costa

MP, summed it all up at the end of three intense days of cultural activity, borrowing a

phrase from the Booker prize-winning novelist and poet Ben Okri regarding the

festival, to state “It was a triumph.”

Plants for sustainable Mediterranean gardening

Time:10.30 am George Don Gates, The Alameda, Gibraltar Botanic Gardens

Price: £5.00 adults, children free of charge

For further information contact Tel: +350 20041235

01 December 2014 to 31 December 2014

Festival of Lights

Festival of Lights

The Ministry of Culture has announced that this year’s Festival of Lights

will take place on December. The events are being

organised by the Ministry of Culture in collaboration with the Gibraltar Electricity

Authority (GEA) and shall be held at John Mackintosh Square.

Seeds, seedlings and cuttings: a visit to the plant nursery

Time:10.30 am George Don Gates, The Alameda, Gibraltar Botanic Gardens

Price: £5.00 adults, children free of charge

For further information contact Tel: +350 20041235

26 December 2014

Polar Bear Swim

Boxing Day in Gibraltar is traditionally celebrated by some by participating in an extremely successful Polar Bear Swim. Thanks to the normally mild climate, this swim is usually carried out by the more dedicated and brave individuals.  The swim which is normally held at Catalan Bay also raises money for different charities.Those who brave the cold water are treated to mince pies and brandy along with the annual Polar Bear certificate.

31 December 2014 to 01 January 2015

New Year's Eve Celebrations 2014

Gibraltar's New Year’s Eve celebrations are held at Casemates Square with local residents showcasing their talents providing an energised, happy ambience to welcome in the New Year, whilst also providing a safe and fun environment for the whole family to enjoy. This atmosphere proceeds throughout the night in order to appease the needs of attendees of all ages. This all surrounded by the welcoming atmosphere of Casemates’ many bars, and the even more welcoming attitudes of the Gibraltarian people proved to be one of the best areas of the night, and the perfect place to welcome in the New Year.

Saturday 16th May 2015 – Casemates Square.

For more information visit link below: 

Facebook : Gibraltar ClassicVehicles Association.