Frequently asked questions

Are there camping or caravanning facilities in Gibraltar?

There are no camping facilities on the Rock, but there are a number of nearby camping sites in Spain. Caravans may only be imported into Gibraltar provided a licence has been previously obtained from HM Customs Gibraltar, Customs House, Waterport, Gibraltar. Tel (+ 350) 20078879 Drivers of camper vans are warned that Gibraltar's streets are narrow. It is best that they be parked outside the city walls. Camper vans are not allowed into the Upper Rock or at most tourist sites. Be aware that camper vans are not allowed to park anywhere in Gibraltar.

What is the climate in Gibraltar?

Temperatures can rise well above 30°C in summer. Gibraltar has an average of 300 days sunshine a year and the climate is Mediterranean. The sub-tropical sun of North Africa is tempered by gentle sea breezes in summer. In January, daytime temperatures are usually around 16ºC to 18ºC and it is quite possible to top up a tan. Rainfall is mostly limited to early or late in the year.

What is Gibraltar’s currency?

The monetary unit is Pound Sterling with notes issued by the Government of Gibraltar. The legal tender is Gibraltar Government notes and coinage, though Bank of England notes and coinage are equally welcome. Most establishments accept Euros, but you will often get more favourable rates of exchange if you change your foreign currency at one of the numerous banks and bureau de change in town. Banks are generally open from 0900 to 1530, Monday to Thursday, and until 1630 on Friday. Bureau de change open from 0900 to 1800. All major credit cards are widely accepted in shops, restaurants and hotels.

What are the dialling codes to and from Gibraltar?

The country code for Gibraltar is (+ 350) 200. The International Access Code from Gibraltar to all countries is always 00. To dial direct to Spain, first dial 0034 then the province prefix followed by the subscriber's number. Some of the principal country codes are: United Kingdom 44 United States 1 Spain 34 France 33 Italy 39 Germany 49 Portugal 351 Morocco 212

Are there facilities for the disabled in Gibraltar?

Whilst steps are being taken to meet the special requirements of some of our visitors, some of Gibraltar´s major attractions face particular difficulties in providing access for those who are in wheel chairs. However, to compensate in some small measure for this the Gibraltar Tourist Board has arranged for free access to these persons into the following sites: Sites in the Upper Rock Nature Reserve, The Gibraltar Museum. For further information on disabled facilities at other tourist attractions, hotels and parking locations please click here.

What is the electrical power in Gibraltar?

Electrical power is 220/240 AC, and sockets are the same as those in the UK, i.e. 3 flat-pin plugs. An adapter is needed for appliances from Europe.

Which airlines fly directly to Gibraltar?

Gibraltar is approximately two and a half hours flying time from London. British Airways operates scheduled daily flights from London Heathrow to Gibraltar. For reservations in the UK, call (0845) 77 333 77; in Gibraltar, call 00350 20079300. For more information on flight availability and fares, please click on Monarch Airlines operates scheduled flights from London Luton Airport and from Manchester to Gibraltar. Services from Birmingham start on 24th March 2013. For reservations in the UK, call (08700) 40 50 40; in Gibraltar, call 00350 20047477. For more information on flight availability and fares, please click on easyJet operate a daily service from London Gatwick. For reservations and information go to

Will we be eligible for health treatment during our stay in Gibraltar?

Gibraltar is part of the AEU by virtue of its relationship with the United Kingdom. If you or any of your dependants are suddenly taken ill or have an accident during your visit to Gibraltar, you can see a doctor or get hospital treatment on the same terms as Gibraltarians. EU Nationals can show proof of entitlement by producing Form E111, which can be obtained from the relevant department in their home country. UK Nationals need only show their UK passport. Doctors, dentist and prescriptions Free treatment under the Group Practice Medical Scheme is available at the Primary Care Centre. A nominal fee is payable for House Calls. A small charge is made for each item of medicine prescribed under the scheme. Dental treatment is not available under the scheme, but an emergency service is available at the Primary Care Centre for which only a nominal fee is charged. Hospital Treatment Free treatment in public wards is available at St. Bernard´s Hospital. Other relevant information Please note that you will be eligible for emergency treatment only for illnesses or conditions that arise during a temporary stay in Gibraltar. You will not be covered if you go to Gibraltar expressly for treatment of a condition that arose somewhere else. Private treatment is not covered. No specific vaccinations are required for Gibraltar.

What parking facilities are there in Gibraltar?

There are open-air car parks at Grand Parade (by the Cable Car Station), and a multi-storey pay car park in the International Commercial Centre (entry via Line Wall Road) and one in Reclamation Road. Some street parking is also available on Line Wall Road, Corral Road, Devils Tower Road, Rosia Road and Queensway. Much of the town centre is pedestrianised, so it is advisable to park outside the City Walls. Parking restrictions are strictly enforced and parking in unauthorised areas could result in your vehicle being towed away or immobilised.

Can I bring my pet to Gibraltar?

All cats and dogs, belonging to and accompanying residents of AEU Member States, can enter Gibraltar provided that they are in good health and covered by a valid certificate of rabies vaccination. In the case of primary rabies vaccination, this must be administered not less than 28 days prior to the dog or cat arriving in Gibraltar. Cats and dogs on board yachts visiting Gibraltar are not permitted to come ashore unless they are properly vaccinated against rabies, as stated above, and the owner can prove that the cat or dog has not visited any country outside the AEU during the preceding six months. Each hotel has its own regulations regarding pets. Please contact your hotel for details.

Will I be able to drive in Gibraltar?

The Highway Code The Highway Code should be observed at all times. Some useful tips are: Driving is on the right. Gibraltar's roads are narrow: drive slowly and watch out for children. The speed limit is 50 kph except where otherwise indicated by Traffic Signs. It is compulsory to wear seat belts. Pedestrians have right of way at pedestrian crossings. It is compulsory to drive with dipped headlights in the hours of darkness. When approaching roundabouts, remember that vehicles already on the roundabout have right of way. Motorcycles Crash helmets must be worn at all times when on a motorised two-wheeled vehicle. Insurance and Documentation The following documents are required for driving in Gibraltar: UK certificate of motor insurance, Green Card valid for any EEC country, or certificate of motor insurance issued in accordance with Gibraltar law. (No motor vehicle insurance facilities are available at entry points.) Certificate of Registration (Vehicle Log Book) National Plate A valid driving licence A visitor may import his/her car without payment of duty provided that: He/she is not a resident of Gibraltar He/she intends only to make a temporary stay in Gibraltar It is being imported for his/her own use (or that of some other entitled visitor) He/she will take the vehicle out on departure from Gibraltar

Do I need a visa to enter Gibraltar?

EEA (European Economic Area) nationals may enter Gibraltar on production of a valid national identity card or passport. All other nationals require a passport or other recognised travel document. Stateless persons or nationals from certain countries require a visa to enter Gibraltar. Gibraltar is outside the Schengen area. Persons who hold a Schengen visa and intend to enter Gibraltar from Spain should ensure that they will be able to return to Spain.A passport is required to enter Morocco from Gibraltar. For further information please contact: Royal Gibraltar Police Immigration Section Duke of Kent House Secretary’s Lane Gibraltar Telephone: (+350) 20047328 Fax: (+350) 20074198 Email: immigration@royalgib.police.g