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  • Please note that no entry tax or other fees are payable to enter Gibraltar.
  • Driving is on the right in Gibraltar and roads are narrow: drive slowly and watch out for pedestrians.
  • The speed limit is 50 kph except where otherwise indicated by traffic signs.
  • It is compulsory to wear seat belts in the front and rear of the vehicle and important to note that pedestrians have right of way at pedestrian crossings.
  • It is compulsory to drive with dipped headlights in the hours of darkness.
  • Crash helmets must be worn at all times when on a motorised two-wheeled vehicle.

Important notice:

  • It is not possible to drive a non-resident vehicle within the area of the Gibraltar Nature Reserve, Upper Rock, except in the case of Blue Badge holders.
  • You are advised to take a Rock Tour, by taxi or by coach if pre-arranged, via Cable Car to the top of the Rock or on foot.
  • The nearest stop to the Nature Reserve, Upper Rock entrance by public bus is the last stop on Route no.1, which stops near the Moorish Castle entrance.

Mid-Town Car Park - Reclamation Road - T: +350 20049202

Non Residents

  • 07:45hrs to 19:00hrs - £1.80 per hour
  • 19:00hrs to 07:45hrs - £0.80 per hour

Resident ID Card Holders:

  • First 3hrs Free
  • 07:45hrs - 19:00hrs - £1.80 per hour
  • 19:00hrs - 07:45hrs - £0.80 per hour

ICC, International Commercial Centre - Line Wall Road - T: +350 20074643 -

  • 08:00hrs - 20:00hrs: £2.00 per hour or part thereof
  • 20:00hrs – 08:00hrs: £1.00 per hour or part thereof
  • Daily maximum £23.00 per day for the first 3 days (ie £69 total) then £7 per day thereon
  • Monthly passes - Cars: £200 per month, Motorbikes: £100 per month
  • Sterling GBP notes £5, £10, £20 coins 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1, £2 Euro notes: €5, €10, €20 –
  • Coins not accepted.
  • Change will be given in pounds, credit cards not accepted.

 Ocean Spa Plaza Car Park - Entrance by Bayside Road T: +350 20040048

  • Day Rate: 07:00hrs - 19:00hrs: £1.50 per hour 
  • Night Rate: 19:01hrs - 06:59hrs: £0.70 per hour

Devil’s Tower Road Car Park - Devil’s Tower Road - T: +350 20049202

  • 50p per hour (24 hours per day)

 World Trade Centre- Bayside Road - T: +350 20063333

  • £1.50 per hour
  • Flat rate: £13.50 (9-12 hours stay)
  • 24 hours: £19:00

 PAY AND DISPLAY: These are meter based see rates below (Euros also accepted)


  • Grand Parade vicinity of Cable Car bottom station (Only the centre bays white lines parking bays are free parking areas, yellow lines are resident permit holders and blue lines are pay and display).

Caravans & Mobile Homes

There are no caravan facilities on the Rock itself and it is recommended that caravans do not enter Gibraltar as the streets are very narrow and there are no parking places for large vehicles. However, there are two excellent caravan sites in the immediate vicinity of the border on the Spanish side.