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The best way to learn about Gibraltar’s history and present day life is through collecting Gibraltar stamps. The Gibraltar Philatelic Bureau is the company responsible for the design, printing, production, marketing and sale of Gibraltar stamps worldwide. Gibraltar stamps have been issued since 1886 and are considered to be highly collectible by the worldwide philatelic fraternity. If you would like to purchase definitive and commemorative postage stamps form Gibraltar then please contact:

The Gibraltar Philatelic Bureau Ltd.

9/3 Cooperage Lane

Tel: (+ 350) 200 75662
Fax: (+ 350) 200 75662


WOPA+ Stamps & Coins

WOPA+ is the only site worldwide where collectors can purchase stamps, coins, banknotes and accessories from a choice of official sellers in one website, with one payment and at the official price always. Founded in 2011, it has fast become one of the most important collectible websites in the world with 50,000+ products and customers in 110+ countries; working as an intermediary between customers and more than forty sellers worldwide.


Suites 2B

12 Tuckey’s Lane


+350 200 63436

Coins & Bank Notes

The first bank notes issued in Gibraltar date back to 1914. The monetary unit of Gibraltar is actually Pounds Sterling. Gibraltar’s currency notes Ordinance did not create a separate currency but conferred on the Government of Gibraltar to print currency notes, which were legal currency in Gibraltar. Sterling currency notes issued by the Bank of England have therefore been legal tender and in circulation in Gibraltar alongside the local note issues, since these early days.

A wide variety of Gibraltar circulation and commemorative coinage is available or can be ordered.